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NOTE FOR PERSONS SUFFERING FROM LUPUS, CHRONIC FATIGUE, FYBROMYALGIA AND RELATED ILLNESS (INCLUDING SOME FORMS OF ARTHIRTIS)   * If you read through this entire discussion you will notice that the words, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, and Arthritis keep coming up. Gulf War Illness (the germ variety) produces these illnesses, or close imitations of them. This suggests the possibility that some persons suffering from illnesses diagnosed as these things might have the GWI germ that is causing the problems—some may not. The only way to be sure you are not missing a treatment plan that works to resolve 80% or more of the symptoms of these health problems is to consult with your doctor and ask to try a long-term treatment of doxycycline, a relatively inexpensive, wide-spectrum antibiotic that is readily tolerated by most people for long-term treatment. Ask for 300mg per day in tablet form and try it for 18 months to be sure. Take breaks of a few days or weeks as recommended by your doctor at 6-week intervals to give the digestive bacteria in the gut time to recover and to lower the risk of developing an allergic reaction. The longer you have had your illness, the less breaks you can afford to take. Breaks will have to be shorter and occur less often. Take yoghurt and probiotic capsules with each meal to make sure the antibiotic doesn’t destroy all the good digestive bacteria required to digest your food. *Improvement will be gradual but noticeable…and continuous. By the two or three year point you will see amazing improvements (if you minimize use of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol). Don’t give up on this treatment until you have given it the full 18 month trial. It can give you your life back.


NOTE ON PROTECTION OF INFORMATION RELATED TO NATIONAL SECURITY:  * For those readers who are concerned that I delve too closely into subjects that are related to national security matters, such as this page on Gulf War Illness, the commentary on the new government surveillance programs, and my Internet UFO Web page, be advised that I have informed the President and the Attorney General that I would remove or amend any or all of my Web pages if they asked me to do it on national security grounds. They have made no such requests, so I conclude that I have not gone too far on these subjects. I feel that a public right to know interest is involved that significantly affects the public welfare. Our nation will be a stronger and healthier democracy by virtue of citizens knowing the truth. Whistleblowing is a valuable and necessary part of a democracy’s immune system.



Gulf War Illness: A Treatment That’s Working!

By MSgt Rick Harrison, USAF (Retired)



Gulf War Illness Treatment Plan

The following physician supervised, doxycycline-based, treatment plan took me from a couch-ridden invalid to a reasonably active parent of two school-age kids able to maintain a part-time job in 5 months’ time (circa 1998). I have improved dramatically, recovered an active life, and have continued to steadily improve for the fifteen years I have been on this program. Overall, I would say that I am about 98% recovered— dramatically improved! But that estimate holds only so far as I continue to strictly follow the rules, which are described below. When I cheat, (indulge in caffeine, sugar, alcohol, or over exertion) I pay for it with a relapse.


With the military Tricare Standard medical insurance that pays over 95%, 100 doxycycline tablets cost me $5.00 (more or less a month's supply)! Five dollars, and this antibiotic has undoubtedly saved my life when millions upon millions of taxpayer dollars supposedly honestly directed at finding the cause of Gulf War Illness has done nothing for me whatsoever! Without any insurance at all the same month’s supply for 100 tablets (3 100mg tablets per day) is roughly $200. That’s a pretty fair-sized chunk of change, but to get your health back nearly 100% it is worth it.



Here are the basics of the treatment program that has worked for me: 


(Note: I am not a medical professional. This is simply a factual report of what has worked for me. Any program of medical treatment must be supervised by a qualified physician and tailored to your specific needs. However, if you can’t get this plan from your doctor, find another doctor.)


1. I consulted a doctor and presented him with copies of all the free medical research information available on Gulf War Illness from Professor Garth Nicolson and Dr. Nancy Nicolson’s Institute for Molecular Medicine Web site at


2. Took doxycycline 100 mg tablets 3 per day (one three times daily, or two in the morning plus one in the evening). NOTE: My opinion is that one pill three times a day is better because it doesn’t seem to deplete the digestive bacteria as badly as taking two doses at the same time, and seemed to produce a faster stronger recovery. For that reason, the risk of Candida overgrowth problems in and around the digestive tract appears to be substantially less on the three times per day routine. Capsules did not work for me at all for some reason, probably due to less absorption, so beware the capsules. Don't reject the doxycycline until you have given the tablets many months of trial.


I recommend an 18-month test at this point. I didn't notice visible improvement for a few weeks, but somehow at a deeper level I still knew that I was being healed. The first couple weeks I actually felt worse at times. This is the Herxheimer reaction caused by the toxin released by the germs as they die. This is normal and to be expected. Remember, you are fighting for your life here, as well as the wellbeing of your family. Don't draw any hasty conclusions during the first few weeks. Tough it out and eventually you should see major improvements.


Most of the GWI patients I have read about use Nicolsons’ standard protocol. This involves 6-week periods of antibiotic treatment alternating with periods where the medicine is not taken. This cycle is repeated when symptoms return. Most of those patients have done very well. My personal experience over the first twelve years of treatment, however, is that I must take the antibiotic (doxycycline) almost continuously without any long breaks. I suspect that is either because in my case the illness had a full 7-year head-start before I discovered the truth and began treatment, or because I don't absorb the medicine efficiently due to defects in my digestive system. It is possible that other factors are involved that could vary from patient to patient, such as genetic or immune system differences, some of which may have been due to specific damage done by the germ before treatment placed it in check. Such damage may be the reason I don't absorb the medicine well.


You will have to work the details of treatment cycles out with your doctor, but don’t hesitate to tell him/her that you feel you need longer cycles of treatment. I do have to take some breaks to give the system a rest from the antibiotics and to give the gut flora (digestive bacteria) a chance to rebuild a protective layer in the digestive tract to protect against Candida overgrowth and microscopic perforations of the gut, but I can’t go anything like the 6 weeks off the antibiotics. Two weeks are the most I can do without major recurrence of symptoms and I usually do less. I don’t take a break on every cycle. Each GWI patient and their doctor will need to try different routines to customize the cycles and breaks to the patients specific needs. I am taking some risk of Candida infection with my approach but offset most of that with very heavy use of yoghurt and probiotic supplements to rebuild the digestive bacteria the antibiotics kill off. I use heavy probiotic supplements with every meal, add prebiotic foods to the diet, and enjoy a good quality yoghurt several times a week, and sometimes daily if the gut doesn’t feel right. Use maximum strength capsules as the mainstay of your probiotic supplementation (20 million cultures), but other forms can be used when convenient. My doctor recommended Culturelle brand, and it is very good, but I use a wide variety of products intentionally to produce a wide variation of good digestive bacteria species in the gut, trying to get the strongest species and mixes to fend off the Candida. I have found that sometimes the Culurelle performs best, other times I get better results from CVS brand, and so on. The quality and potency seems to vary somewhat.


This strategy seems to be working well. Check the potency level on the probiotic product packaging. Look for capsules or tablets that have from 5-20 billion cultures (bacteria) per capsule/tablet. All these probiotic products will vary in potency from time to time regardless of what the packaging says. Occassionally you will get some duds that don’t work. Keep a good quality Greek style yoghurt on hand so you can keep the digestion going overnight for a few days when this happens until you can get back to the store to get more probiotics. Unfortunately the probiotic supplements cost money. I think yoghurt is cheaper for the same result, and is actually better in some ways, but you might gain weight using yoghurt exclusively if you don’t cut down calories by reducing other foods in the diet. One solution there is to do more exercise to burn calories, but be careful not to do so much that you invoke a relapse of the GWI which responds very negatively to too much exercise. GWI responds well to mild or moderate exercise, but cross the line and it will knock you down again for a few weeks.


My doctor has been very good about flexibly matching the antibiotic use to symptom recurrence. He has some concern about Candida infection, but not a lot. I took a course of antifungals once for a couple weeks when my gut started acting funny to make sure Candida wasn’t getting out of hand, but that is only once in 17 years of very successful treatment. However, the research studies on Candida and antibiotic use suggest that the specifics of the gut environment in different people, including variations in diet, will cause the Candida risk to go up or down somewhat, so other GWI patients who take antibiotics long-term may have more frequent Candida flare-ups that require a course of antifungal drugs to resolve. To minimize Candida problems, GWI patients should avoid sugar and alcohol in their diet and maximize use of probiotic supplements and yoghurt. I recommend the equivalent of 4 or 5 20 billion strength probiotic capsules for a big meal, and 2 or 3 for a small meal, and add 2 or 3 ounces of yoghurt whenever possible, even between meals. You will be able to feel the difference in your digestion after a while, so do what works best for you.


If the probiotics or yoghurt are not available, stop the antibiotics if possible until probiotics or yoghurt are acquired so the digestive bacteria are not completely removed, which gives the Candida a chance to overgrow in the gut and cause problems. I don't know what doctors say about chewing the probiotic capsules and then washing down the powder, but I have done it and it seems to be somewhat more effective to chew 2 capsules and swallow the others. Taking a capsule before a meal will probably aid digestions as well as taking them after the meal, but I would take most after the meal or you will probably get extremely hungry and overeat. The bottom line is that some patients need the full 300 mgs of doxycycline per day and less breaks on the antibiotic to beat the germ form of Gulf War Illness. Those patients wil require heavy probiotic use and regular yoghurt to protect their digestive systems. If for some reason you have taken the doxycycline for a while without using probiotics supplements or yoghurt you will need to catch up by using more yoghurt and probiotics. Take a little yoghurt with each meal for a week and 4 or 5 probiotic capsules at a 20 million strength of cultures to make sure the good bacteria gets re-established and can out-compete the Candida albicans. If something doesn't seem right with your gut, consult your doctor who may wish to prescribe a course of antifungals to knock down the Candida and get things back in balance again.


3. Eliminated every stressful aspect of my daily routine possible (some will remain of course). The chemistry of stress seriously aggravates this illness, although the illness is caused by a germ, not by traumatic stress.


4. Mild exercise only is the rule for the first 6-12 months of treatment, 3 times a week, starting at 15 minutes daily. Increase frequency and intensity gradually as stamina builds. Intense exercise makes symptoms worse in the early months, and highly intense exertion remains problematic even after full recovery because it will cause relapses of the illness. The germ form of Gulf War Illness acts like a military wartime incapacitating agent. Physical activity causes intense problems and a serious relapse of the illness. GWI patients have to fine tune their activity levels by checking how they feel 8-36 hours after exertion. If heavy fatigue occurs, the exertion was too much. If not, a small increase can be risked in the next exercise event.


It appears that the ceiling of activity increases as recovery progresses. However it remains true that if you go beyond that ceiling, which, again, varies at any given point in time during recovery, symptoms will be aggravated even to the point of a major relapse. Be patient in carefully navigating through all of this and your strength and stamina will come back incrementally until for all intents and purposes you are fully well again. Mild to moderate exercise is necessary for healing and goes a long way towards stimulating improvement, but overdoing it has the opposite effect.


How long before the full capacity for an active life really comes back? To avoid any misunderstandings, I want to make clear that my exercise routine remained very mild for the first two to three years of treatment. At the seven-year point of treatment, however, I could do a full moderate-intensity workout at the gym, though not with extreme tempo or extreme intensity. Even after this amount of progress I have to ease back incrementally towards a full workout each time I fall off the medicine routine or slip into sugar/caffeine consumption. Either of these medical faux pas will produce a short-lived relapse. The relapse is only short-lived however if I catch the mistake and get back to following the rules quickly. Otherwise, the relapse will continue to worsen until I am back at square one, doing it all over again. The good news is that even then recovery occurs quicker than with the initial treatment, but may take as long as six or seven months to get back to good health again.


During the relapses I have to cut down to less exercise. Contrary to everything we have been taught and even experienced about the beneficial effects of exercise, more is not always better. With GWI too much exercise can hurt you, but so can too little. The trick is to get just enough exercise to increase your circulation, muscle tone, and general health without over-exhausting yourself. After a year or two of treatment you will develop the ability to read the illness and the cues of your body well enough to fine tune the amount of exercise you get. Then you can tailor the ratio of exercise and rest to the way you feel. GWI patients need extra rest at all phases of this illness beyond what an otherwise normal person would require even when things are going particularly well.


5. It is also good to take a lot of extra C, E & B vitamins, as well as extra basic vitamin/mineral combos, not to overdose levels, but enough to make sure the bases are covered. The joint formulas help a lot with GWI too. Essentially anything that is a legitimate source of nutrition helps because, with GWI, the entire system is falling apart at an accelerated rate one cell at a time and preventative and restorative systems are working at less than optimal efficiency due to disregulation of the larger control systems. Joints and connective tissues are a favorite target of the GWI germ, Mycoplasma fermentans incognitas (MFI). Triflex (GNC), Osteo-Biflex, or any of the generic formulas featuring glucosamine and chondroitin do a lot of good for GWI. And, believe it or not, kids chewable vitamins help. They are assimilated the best, and they don’t irritate the stomach. I have found that Flintstones (don't laugh) chewable children's vitamins with immunity support make a noticeable difference in the way I feel. Quick dissolving or liquid drop sublingual vitamins that are placed under the tongue and absorbed directly would likely be helpful as well.


6. I noticed that I felt better when I ate a lot of good protein source food, mainly eggs, so initially I added eggs to my diet 4 times a week. I have since reduced my egg consumption somewhat out of concern for long-term cholesterol management to 2 or 3 times a week, some weeks not at all. However, during the acute phase prior to seeing any real improvement, I felt strongly that the eggs did in fact boost my strength to the point that I could accomplish more of my essential daily routine as a parent. Beef has much the same effect. Good quality meat, cheese, some eggs, and lots of fresh vegetables and fruits are now the mainstay of my diet. I strongly feel they are needed in large amounts to maintain strength with this illness, in other words, amounts somewhat beyond what the normal active person who needs a strong diet requires. It may look like you are pampering yourself of overindulging to some around but this is what it takes to be well with GWI, much as with AIDS. Extra rest is also key.


Another GWI sufferer, a spouse of a military officer, has also noted that eggs are especially important in alleviating some of the GWI symptoms, specifically mycoplasma induced porphyria. She suggests organic, non-GMO eggs, as porphyria apparently can be aggravated by a variety of chemicals and impurities in the diet—including some spices such as MSG. My own experience has been that all of these kinds of potential irritants were definite problems, but only for the first 1-2 years of treatment. At a certain point of healing from the long-term antibiotic treatment (doxycycline) most of these ultra-sensitivities faded to the point of being negligible problems. This doesn't guarantee that everyone will experience the same trend, but after 18 years of living and studying this illness, I expect that most GWI patients will, after one or two years of doxycycline treatment, get similar levels of across the board relief, though perhaps not identical in all respects.


The following foods & supplements have also helped: Ginseng tea & Echinacea tea (both in the same cup, 2 cups a day); fresh garlic; onion; grape seed extract; and even a plain old aspirin once a day is beneficial (antifungal and anti-inflammatory). I employ Advil several times a week when symptoms are present. It seems to have a beneficial effect more so than it would normally have for the usual aches and pains because there is a core element of inflammation of the tissues involved with the germ form of Gulf War Illness.


The lemon and olive oil drink recommended by Dr. Nicolson helped a lot during the first 3 weeks of doxycycline treatment to get past the Herxheimer reaction. It is also great for an occasional boost. During the Herxheimer period (the first three weeks of antibiotic treatment) sipping the lemon olive drink as needed helps reduce the bacterial toxin-induced fatigue.


To prepare the lemon and olive drink, put a couple cups of cranberry juice (or a juice of your choice) in a blender with some crushed ice. Slice or quarter a lemon (leave the peeling on it) and put the slices in the blender. Put in a tablespoon or two of olive oil, and then blend. Use a strainer to filter the lemon peel from the mixture. Sip the drink slowly; it is too strong to guzzle and somewhat acidic. It helps. A slice of lemon in hot tea is also therapeutic, especially in flu and virus season, but watch the total caffeine intake.


Although alcohol is a problem with GWI, due to the increasingly virulent new flu bugs, some red wine used to combat the flu is good idea to supplement our impaired immune systems. Don't overdo it, but the flu can kill faster than GWI. Red wine is proven help against the flu, as is Echinacea, ginseng and many other tea products, including standard black and green tea.


I recommend occasionally adding an exercise supplement or two when things are going well and you are getting real exercise, low sugar combined supplements, basic protein powder such as Vegi-Booster, or vitamin packs and creatine. Glucerna from Ensure is a good supplement for GWI if used moderately. Glucerna stabilizes blood sugar, and sugar is major problem in GWI.


I have found that the chocolate version of Glucerna helps me dramatically for some reason. Glucerna is not a medicine; it is merely a low sugar nutritional supplement with a precise mineral mix that seems to balance blood sugar. Anyone can take this, you don't have to be diabetic, and GWI patients need the special types of collagen building cholesterol contained in chocolate in order to rebuild the linings of the nerves and other crucial components of injured bodily systems. Sugar must be avoided almost entirely until the full recovery phase, and then radically minimized. Those who do this strictly will cut their recovery time in half and suffer much less fatigue and other symptoms as they go.


Yes, chocolate seems to help, but in small amounts. Almost all available forms of chocolate contain sugar and one can overdose on anything. So, chocolate is both a blessing and a curse for GWI. It must be closely regulated to small daily amounts, or several small doses weekly. Too much chocolate seems to aggravate GWI substantially, probably because of the sugar content. On the other hand, dysregulated heart rate is often a problem with GWI and chocolate has been shown to help control heart rate abnormalities. Therefore, one has to pay attention and tailor the amount of chocolate in the diet. Keep it small, but don't avoid chocolate completely. There are other flavors of Glucerna, but chocolate is the best. A good basic rule is no chocolate for the first three months of treatment, then add it back carefully, paying attention to how you feel. If you have heart rate issues, ask your doctor to increase the antibiotic dose temporarily, rest, avoid sugar and get mild exercise while increasing the chocolate just a bit. When the heart rate resolves you can go back to the baseline program or stick with what seems to be working the best. This is a decision for you and your doctor to make, all things considered regarding your total physical profile. 


Judging from the way I feel the vitamin-mineral mix in Glucerna matches GWI caused nutritional deficits very closely. In fact, many of the nutritional supplement products are enormous strength and energy enhancers for GWI patients. We basically need more of everything because of cell damage. Taking these supplemental products once a week, even at half or a third of the usual serving, will keep you stronger all week. GWI patients do not need anything near the recommended dose of most of these products. They are designed for high-performance athletes and intensively training bodybuilders. One capsule twice a week, for example, of Twinlabs Creatine Fuel, will add a great deal of strength and daily productivity throughout the week, although this is only a small fraction of the recommended dosage for athletes. More is not always better with GWI. Yes, we need intensive nutrition, but there are limits. There are two reasons for this. First GWI has an autoimmune component, and, second, it frequently produces disregulation of the bodily control systems. The best approach is to experiment by minimizing dosage of supplements and gradually increasing until benefits are maximum or negative effects are encountered and then reducing as appropriate. Larger doses of Creatine can irritate the stomach and bowels in any case, so small amounts are recommended here, but you will be amazed as to how much strength you will gain from adding a single supplement such as creatine or Glucerna.


Here is a final supplement recommendation that, admittedly, falls into the experimental category, but can do great things for your health. Do not use this product if you have had tumors or have reason to suspect tumors. With that exception noted, those who can safely try it will find it to be just short of the fountain of youth. The product is called "Humagro." It is a growth hormone supplement used by bodybuilders and athletes (a legal one). Anywhere from one third to the full recommended dosage (which is still very mild compared to what athletes do illegally), produces amazing improvements to overall health and vitality. Do not use more to minimize tumor risks and dysregulation of the total body system. The results, while gradual, are just short of miraculous. Everything "tightened up" when I used this product. My skin has rejuvenated. I have triple the productive energy and vitality. I actually feel twenty years old again. Fatigue is vastly reduced with this product, though, again, more quantity with this product is not better. It is used in six week cycles, with a six week break after each period of use. This product alone will make a huge difference in the way you feel. I only use roughly half the recommended dose, two crystals under the tongue twice a day. More than that tends to produce so much vitality that I over-exert and invoke a relapse of GWI by engaging in too much physical activity.


Anyone over 50 should consult their doctor about giving Humagro a try, whether they have GWI or not. The real danger GWI-wise with this product is that you will feel so good that you will over-exert and cause a relapse, possibly aggravating the Lupus like problems a lot of GWI sufferers experience. Make a conscious effort to control your activity level, however, and you will be amazed at the improvements in your health.


NOTE: Humagro has been recently discontinued (approximately June 2015). However, there are other products that use the growth hormone as an ingredient that should perform as good or possibly even better. Look for HGH in the ingredient list. Search for these products on sports and health supplement Web sites or ask for them at health food stores. In most cases the local store won’t have them and you will have to go to the Internet to find them. I recommend the Renewal line of oral sprays. I have had excellent results with all three of their products. Trust me, these products are well worth the trouble to find, especially for the elderly or those with chronic fatigue type illnesses, Gulf War Illness, Lupus, AIDS, etc. These things are pretty close to the fountain of youth, well worth a try, and not expensive. They have done wonders for my strength and stamina, both mental and physical.


Additional products that are similarly formulated that I have not tried but likely to be of great help are:


All five products can be accessed from the main HGH product page at


Please understand that I am not connected with this or any other company; I am simply reporting what has worked for me. Also, this product, to my knowledge, has not been part of the Nicolsons' program, and I don't know their opinion. I just stumbled upon it and it has done wonderful things for my health. Again, those with known risks for tumors should not take HGH products without first consulting with their physician. The same goes for those with heart ailments or other known medical conditions.


Although I have not tried quinine, reports from trusted sources say it helps quite a bit. It must be obtained via prescription from sources in Canada, however. After checking to make sure it is legal in your state (usually is), and consulting with your doctor, it shouldn't hurt to give quinine a try. I would like to try it myself but my doctor is not enthused about the idea, saying it is a very strong drug with some side effects that one doesn’t risk unless nothing else is providing satisfactory healing or management results, so I may or may not get the opportunity to give it a good trial and report the results here. The good news I don’t seem to need it, given my success with the rest of the program. Adding quinine could potentially help quite a bit as a variety of additional exotic germs are potentially involved with GWI and it appears that not every patient has the exact same situation.


7. Rest when you are tired, don't push it.  Let the body tell you when your stamina is sufficient for further activity. This may vary a great deal from day to day and week to week, but whatever feels right is right with GWI.


8. Drink a lot of extra fluids. No caffeine for the first year, period—it makes symptoms worse—then continue to minimize. Inevitably, you will make slips, but don't get discouraged, just get back on the program and move forward again.


9. Also, seek out positive interaction with friends and family (fun things, laughter, but not intense physical sports—maybe later for those). Laugh and have fun as much as you can. Laughter and joy actually change your body chemistry. As Reader's Digest used to say, laughter is still the best medicine. "Don't worry be happy" is good advice for GWI. And, trust God; he won't fail you.


10. A good quality prescription antihistamine, believe it or not, also seems to help tremendously. The ones that cause drowsiness can be a problem with GWI, so avoid those. I have had very good results from Claritin, somewhat less with Allegra. I can’t definitely recommend anything else, although I have tried several others. My allergy season lasts from May through October, but I take the Claritin all year round anyway because it seems to moderate some of the symptoms of GWI and there are indoor allergens to be concerned about as well as outdoor allergens.


This is not confirmed, but it appears that Claritin somehow diminishes some of the effects of the autoimmune problems of GWI. With GWI, in allergy season I don’t just sneeze and get watery, itchy eyes; I get a systemic type of sick fatigue in addition to the typical allergy symptoms. Claritin seems to counteract some of the systemic issues, though I don't know why. Antihistamines may function as vicious cycle breaking factors. Allergic reactions increase white blood cell numbers, thus providing more protected hideouts for the GWI germ, MFI, which prefers to live inside the white blood cells of the immune system. The infected white blood cells then spread the germ throughout the body spawning low-level auto-immune episodes in so many places that a general feeling of system-wide illness results. You may be surprised at how much better you feel when taking one of the good quality antihistamines. Claritin, again, is the only one I know that doesn't have some degree of drowsy side effect. Allegra is second best in defeating classic allergy symptoms, and Zyrtec is also good, but Allegra causes a little drowsiness and Zyrtec causes a lot in my experience. Since both the brain and body chemistry of GWI patients are often abnormal, one shouldn't use medicines that alter them further; so stick with the Claritin when possible. 


11. Pray! Prayer can have great benefits to your health. Prayer can succeed where nothing else does. Pray for relief and protection. Give it some time and then note what changes. Trust in God; he’ll not fail you. I fully credit God’s help as the ultimate source of my survival of this illness. I also think God’s protection is the only reason the Gulf War Illness activists such as ex-Air Force Captain nurse Joyce Riley, Professor Garth Nicolson and Dr. Nancy Nicolson, myself, Dr. Stanley Monteith of Radio Liberty, and a few others, have survived multiple plans and attempts to assassinate us for telling the truth.


Please note that in my view our own government is not behind these assassination schemes, as popular accounts might lead one to suspect. It is rather the racial terrorists in the United States and their foreign accomplices (including foreign intelligence operatives, if not their official agencies) who wish to hide the truth about how they contaminated our military vaccines with germs during the first Gulf War—more on that theory below. Yes, we have the antibiotic treatment to thank and also the protection of friendly intelligence and law enforcement agents (may God bless every one of them, and may God bless the Commander in Chief), but at bottom, without God’s help, it wouldn’t be enough to keep the GWI whistleblowing team safe and well under the circumstances.


12. If you start the doxycycline or one of the other antibiotics Dr. Nicolson recommends (and you definitely should if you have the GWI symptoms), eat a serving of yogurt with each meal to replenish the gut flora that the antibiotic kills. This is necessary not only to get good digestion but to prevent an overgrowth of the Candida albicans yeast organism, which can cause a very serious illness. Yoghurt is best for this purpose, but if that is too many calories for your weight management goals, probiotic tablets or capsules can be used in the absence of yogurt and work just as well for this purpose. See the Kennedy and Volz article at the National Library of Medicine Website at Using both yoghurt and a variety of different probiotics is probably the best tactic, as a complex mix of different species of gut flora seems to be the best protection against Candida overgrowth. 


The longer one stays on the antibiotics the more probiotic tablets and yoghurt seem to be required to maintain healthy digestion, so don’t scrimp on probiotic supplementation. In this case more usually is better. Probiotic manufacturers usually recommend one or two tablets or capsules per day, whereas GWI patients need at least two or three maximum strength probiotic capsules or tablets with each meal, and should also add yoghurt to the diet several times a week. Use a good quality Greek style yoghurt such as Greek Gods, and add a swirl of honey. Honey is a prebiotic which assists in the growth of good probiotic organisms in the digestive tract.



There is a secret 13th ingredient to this program. The secret ingredient in the GWI treatment program is the same as in every other program: will power (but you won’t have enough without prayer for God’s help). Different personalities will have different amounts of will power. I have never been particularly blessed with it. I have had so many relapses I can't count them, and most of them were due to nothing but my own lack of will power. My progress has generally been two steps forward one step back. I have still gone a long way forward in 15 years, though it hasn't always been pretty to watch. The rule for painless forward progress is NO SUGAR, NO CAFFEINE, NO ALCOHOL, HEAVY PROBIOTIC SUPPLEMENTS, and regular use of doxycycline at 300 mg/day. Just keep the rule in mind as much as possible; it could save your life. It will certainly improve your health.


Each inch of ground you fight for is worth it because, in the advanced stages, GWI tends to produce serious illnesses like ALS and rare cancers as spin-offs. Keeping the rules might actually prevent one of these very serious secondary effects from occurring. Along, with caffeine, sugar and alcohol, the other villains of GWI are stress, worry, and too much physical activity, all of which will cause a serious relapse and negate the positive effects of the rest of your treatment plan. There is an obvious connection between all of these factors: adrenalin and sugar production, both critical resources for athletes and warriors in combat. Once again, we see indications that the GWI germ functions as a disabling biowarfare agent, though one with relatively mild short-term effects. It takes months or potentially years for MFI to fully disable a healthy person.





Knowledge Is Power

My startling response to long-term treatment with the doxycycline tablets (and the fact that a series of medical tests did not reveal any standard illness) have led me to conclude that I am suffering from an infection from some kind of new germ which is extremely hard to clear 100% from the body. My symptoms were precisely what Professor Garth Nicolson describes for Mycoplasma fermentans incognitas (MFI) and the recovery phase for antibiotic treatment tracks exactly as he describes it. When I first visited my doctor for this illness I was so acutely ill that I couldn't wait for the laboratory tests and too poor due to being out of work as a result of the illness to pay for them (I didn't expect my military retiree insurance to allow those tests due to the intensive cover-up that was obviously underway.). Thus, I started doxycycline treatment on the basis of having ruled out other obvious candidates by conducting an array of medical tests that my insurance would pay for, and then giving the doxycycline a good long trial to see what it would do. During the initial consult I was at the point of near total collapse, and to this day I do not know if I would have lived without the immediate administration of antibiotic therapy. Thankfully, my doctor is a genius with great intuition and common sense; he agreed to do first things first. I started doxycycline immediately on the basis of Nicolson's research studies which I had in hand, and the other diagnostic tests were done shortly thereafter. (See the Nicolsons’ Web page at


I understand that many Persian Gulf War veterans may have other serious health problems derived from exposure to a variety of toxic substances in the Gulf War. Certainly depleted uranium dust from the antitank ammunition is a concern. There were chemical weapons that were blown up in Iraqi ammunition stockpiles with the residue from those blasts mixing with dense and toxic smoke from the oil well fires. To put it mildly, none of these things are good for human health and all are capable of inducing serious illnesses.


Given my own experience though, at least part of Gulf War Illness stems from a germ infection apparently contracted via contaminated vaccines. I received the military vaccines for deployment to the war zone but was diverted to Europe before arrival. I never entered the war zone, but I did come down with Gulf War Illness. I would therefore recommend seeing a private physician to discuss a trial period of doxycycline (at least a year, preferably 18 months) to see if it helps.


It seems plausible to me that some veterans may have both a toxic exposure problem and an infectious disease, in which case effective treatment of the disease may aid in sorting out exactly which symptoms derive from the toxic exposure(s). The remaining symptoms can then be targeted more precisely with appropriate therapies (once again under guidance of a qualified physician). It is also possible that the various toxic chemical exposures some veterans experienced damaged their immune systems in such a way that regular antibiotic supplementation would improve their health by fighting off germs the immune system is incapable of completely defeating. Similar approaches are used to treat AIDS patients. NOTE: See the bottom of this page for Dr. Garth Nicolson’s most recent treatment recommendations for veterans with toxic exposures.


I wish I could recommend the VA, but after the last totally misguided study, I regret to say that the Veteran's Administration shows no indications of ever gaining any real competency about GWI. See the further, and very troubling, comments on the VA study below.


The bottom line is, give the doxycycline a try for 18 months, and don't quit too soon. Real advances continue to accrue at different long-term milestones such as 18 months, three years, seven years etc. That is assuming the patient follows the rules and avoids sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and over exertion.


Are positive lab tests for MFI mandatory before beginning long term doxycycline treatment? No. A trial is permissible under scientific medical protocols minus a positive lab test in cases where other alternatives have been ruled out by negative tests. In other words, the physician is entitled to explore treatments that might work even where lab tests are unable to identify a specific agent of infection. As I explain below in discussing where this illness came from, the cover-up of Gulf War Illness was only possible because DOD medical labs were either untrained, improperly equipped, politically compromised, or in league with racist domestic terrorists. Professor Garth and Dr. Nancy Nicolson’s expose, Project Day Lily, suggests that the problem involved elements of all the above. Therefore, given the presumptive causes of the GWI cover-up and a potentially wide-ranging compromise or ineffectiveness of laboratories, one would be a fool to assume that all lab results could be trusted on this issue. There is, therefore, only one acid test: take the doxycycline for 18 months or more and see if your health substantially improves.


Be careful not to fall prey to the disinformation overload on the Net. In addition to the Nicolsons’ Web site at, a good site to stick with is Joyce Riley's American Gulf War Veterans Association at Joyce was a USAFR Nurse (Captain) during the Gulf War. While evacuating the wounded from the Gulf War, Riley contracted the illness herself (as did Professor Garth Nicolson and his wife, Dr. Nancy Nicolson). The Nicolsons apparently contracted the illness from their daughter/step daughter, who served in air assault or some other special ops unit during the war. Nurse Riley found Nicolson's treatment information, began antibiotic treatment, and was restored to health. She then initiated an aggressive campaign to get the truth out to the public, going on speaking tours around the nation. Along with Professor Garth Nicolson and Dr. Nancy Nicolson, nurse Riley is one of the primary heroes of the Gulf War Illness saga/tragedy. Another good Web site to review is Dr. Meryl Nass’s blog at


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Why This Treatment Plan Works

This is essentially Professor Garth Nicolson and Dr. Nancy Nicolson's treatment plan (Institute for Molecular Medicine, Huntington Beach, California). They are the heroes of the battle to find the truth about Gulf War Illness, two of the few scientists and doctors to recognize the illness as real from the beginning. The Nicolsons have conducted and published peer-reviewed scientific research that explains the unusual characteristics of the germ involved and identifies the antibiotics that are effective against it. At the time of the Gulf War Illness controversy following the war (circa 1991-1996) Garth Nicolson, PhD was one of the top ten microbiologists in the world, and had been nominated for a Nobel Prize. He held one of the most prestigious chairs in medical research in the nation at the M. D. Anderson Cancer Institute at the University of Texas. Dr. Nicolson and his wife Nancy (also Dr. Nicolson) have written a novel, Project Day Lily, chronically their experiences during the discovery of the cause and treatment for the germ form of Gulf War Illness. Project Day Lily exposes the criminal elements involved in the cover-up, illegal human experimentation in the Texas prisons: criminal shenanigans that ranged from professional and character assassination to poisonings and murder. Nicolson’s studies, his reports to Congress, and his published scientific papers can all be found at his research institute’s Web site at


The Nicolsons' research indicates that approximately 40-45% of the Gulf War Veterans who became ill suffer from an infection of what is apparently a "new" biowarfare agent, a germ called Mycoplasma fermentans incognitus (MFI). This disease can eventually affect any and all systems of the body. It is frequently misdiagnosed as something else, or not diagnosed at all. The primary symptoms of MFI infection are conveniently listed at Everyone should get familiar with this list. MFI infection is not restricted to veterans; it is a disease of the public domain now, though still little known outside the circle of Gulf War Illness and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome activists, journalists and researchers. 


As a result of the propaganda campaign to redirect the public away from Nicolson’s findings, tens of thousands of families whose ill veterans could have received effective antibiotic treatment were unnecessarily destroyed by the death or failed health of their breadwinner. Many family members contracted the illness themselves. Project Day Lily is available on the Internet from Barnes & Noble and Xlibris, and is further described at


If you wish to confirm the expertise of Professor Nicolson, his scientific credentials are academically awesome. They can be seen at Scroll down to Complete Curriculum Vitae" and click on the link to see 40 pages of impressive scientific achievements. Nicolson's achievements distinguish him as one of the very top scientists in the world. Dr. Nancy L. Nicolson's credentials are linked from the same page and clearly place her into the who's who of science. This is the quality of research that underlies the treatment protocol described here.


The germ involved, Mycoplasma fermentans incognitas (MFI), has no cell wall and therefore the immune system cannot identify it. Normal germs have a protein coat on the cell wall that has a unique signature for each germ, something like Braille writing. For this reason and perhaps due to some other novel features, MFI is extremely hard to fully eradicate from the body.


The primary component of the treatment plan is the common broad spectrum antibiotic doxycycline. Doxycycline effectively stops the germ population from reproducing, and the individual life span of a germ isn’t long. Continued use of doxycycline (or ciprofloxacin) generates a gradual but continuous and ultimately quite substantial improvement in health up to a point where the patient feels and acts pretty much normal. The antibiotics are capable of reaching into the cells where the MFI hides, but in ways still partially unknown some of the germs seem to always find a means to survive. The course of treatment, therefore, depending on how soon treatment is begun after the onset of symptoms, may be need to last for years, or even for life. On the other hand, doxycycline treatment does restore health and productivity; it gives the patient his or her life back and makes them noncontagious to the people around them.


My version of Nicolson's treatment plan does not vary from any of the core requirements; it merely expands a bit on supplementary dietary aids. However, I feel it can make a very significant additional improvement in the health of the GWI patient. It essentially amounts to nutritional pampering, and hitting the germ with the "kitchen sink." The most important supplementary rule is low sugar intake. Sugary foods seriously aggravate GWI. Closely restricting sugar intake in a very consistent and disciplined fashion will make an amazing difference in how a GWI patient feels. I don't know if Dr. Nicolson has fully explained why this is so, but after ten years of treatment and careful tests, I know that it is so. I suspect low sugar levels in the cell under certain conditions can trigger apoptosis, programmed cell death, which may turn out to be one of the few occurrences that can finally offset the more recalcitrant aspects of MFI infections. In other words, low blood sugar may be a natural means to encourage the death of MFI germs that would otherwise continue to find a means to defeat both the antibiotic and the immune system. To implement the low sugar rule it is necessary to restrict alcohol and caffeine consumption. These substances release stored sugar into the blood. Intense activity is also a problem. Perhaps this is because the production of adrenaline compounds triggers additional sugar release. Reducing stress is similarly important, probably because stress generates adrenalin.


It is important to avoid sweets and eat solid high protein food, meets, eggs, and cheeses with lots of quality salads. This kind of diet levels out blood sugar. To get even more results, I suggest going a little further by choosing one day a month to fast: no food at all for the first six to twelve hours, followed by a light sugar-free meal in the evening. I am not recommending artificial sweeteners here. Chemicals of all kinds cause problems with GWI. Customizing your own approach to a low blood sugar strategy should generate substantial further improvement in how you feel. Experiment, pay attention, and do what works for you. Keep in mind however that too much total abstention from food can harm, perhaps permanently, the digestive system.


GWI seems to affect different people differently. Be alert to your body's signals and tailor your treatment program to what you learn. If your body seems to be responding negatively to something, cut it out of your routine for a few months, notice how you feel, then put it back and check again. Ultimately you will find some things that make a big difference, and will be able to customize your regimen for optimal results. By doing a start and stop like this even with the antibiotic doxycycline (or Cipro) every so often, you will absolutely confirm the validity of the antibiotic treatment for yourself. But don’t stay off the antibiotic for more days than required to be certain that the symptoms have returned or you will lose hard-earned forward progress with your health and pay a price in suffering through renewed symptoms in making that progress up again.


Don't make any assumptions with this illness—none. We are not normal. Routine nutritional advice given by normal people for normal people may or may not apply to those of us suffering from GWI—such as less cholesterol is always better. This may be true for some but not for others. It does not seem to be true for me. I seem to require both a high protein and high cholesterol diet to maintain my strength and health. If you feel you need to eat more meat and eggs to feel well, I recommend you go ahead and eat them but try to push the amounts back incrementally to the minimum extra necessary to produce strength and health. A little more may be better, but not more and more and more. With GWI “cholesterol is our friend,” as Mel Gibson says about coffee, because it is needed to repair damaged cells; but you can still overdose on it—and one can’t ignore increasing age forever. And you can’t ignore a doctor’s explicit advice, assuming they understand you situation. So, use trial and error, check the results closely, repeat the same test multiple times to be sure, then do what is proven to work best for you and never look back.


Every few months tune up the plan a bit to make it more precise based upon little changes here and there, new supplements or dietary formulas, etc. Hold to the plan in as disciplined a manner as possible and you will see amazing improvements. Everyone cheats a little, a bit of chocolate here, a soda there, but with GWI we cannot cheat very often; the price is too high. And don’t cheat at all for the first 6-18 months


Additional treatment considerations are given by Professor Nicolson at These include such things as the hydrogen peroxide and Epsom salt bath (it seems to help), dry sauna, etc. Remember, doxycycline is the cornerstone of this plan, as is prayer. Never underestimate the power of prayer. Don’t underestimate the love of God for his children… "ask and you will receive."


Some years back it used to be possible to get an honest blood test for MFI by consulting VIP Dx laboratories in Reno Nevada. However, they have recently gone out of business—a great loss to the GWI community and to the integrity of medicine in this country. Some of the same tests VIP Dx did related to GWI may be available from the University of Nevada laboratories, but possibly not.  While it was probably the same standard financial reasons that cause 80% of our hardworking small businesses to close that prompted VIP Dx to close their doors, the lack of concern for detecting the new germ responsible for a portion of Gulf War Illness in labs, hospitals, and doctor’s offices across the country reflects the modern evolution of medicine from a healing art to a politicized business venture.


Fortunately the test is not essential to getting the proper long-term antibiotic treatment. There is a concept in medicine called “empiric treatment” that essentially means using a professionally informed and guided trial and error process to help the patient where nothing else seems to work and a definite confirmed explanation for their condition is not available. Under the empiric treatment concept a patient can be given long-term antibiotic therapy to see if it will work when nothing else does, assuming there are symptomatic or other basic indicators of an enduring infection. Those with GWI symptoms not getting healing and relief otherwise should seriously consider asking for long-term antibiotic therapy. Doxycycline works best for the very long term because it is more easily tolerated by the body, whereas Ciprofloxacin hits the germs harder faster but is less well tolerated for the long term. The two can be alternated unless your doctor advises against it. Again, stay with it for at least 18 months before taking the usual 6 week breaks between treatment cycles and pay attention to how you feel so the length of treatment can be customized to your response.


Long-term antibiotic treatment programs require the use of yoghurt or probiotic tablets/capsules with meals. Probiotics should be taken at six to ten times the usual recommended quantity to restore the digestive bacteria in the gut that long-term antibiotic therapy destroys. Otherwise digestion will be impaired and you will be quickly reminded that these supplements are needed, and at some risk of Candida overgrowth in the gut, which can be quite serious. With regular heavy use of the yoghurt and probiotic supplements, however, digestion is normal and the risk of Candida problems very small. The really good news is that with continued use of the antibiotics the rest of the GWI problems start going away incrementally until roughly 90% of prior health is restored.


Exposure to sunlight must also be substantially limited while taking these antibiotics: no days at the beach, no full time work outside, etc. Use of high factor sunscreen, protective clothing and a hat allows the GWI patient on antibiotics to do some hiking and outdoor activities but there are still limits because sunburn occurs quicker due to the production of the skin pigmentation factor melanin being turned off by the antibiotic. High quality sunglasses are also necessary when staying outdoors for extended periods, driving on long trips, etc., to protect the eyes, which become more sensitive to sun damage. On the other hand, don’t eliminate sun entirely; a little sun each week seems to help. So get out now and then, but take appropriate precautions against burning beyond what the normal person would take. Also, a few minutes several times a week with a sunlamp seem to help quite a bit. I do about 5 minutes 3 times a week with a Sperti sunlamp. I don’t know why it helps, but it does. I may be the Vitamin-D produced or it may be due to reduction of the MFI organisms in the skin, possibly both, or something else entirely, but it does improve the way I feel, as does the regular outings and mild exercise. So don’t let GWI make you a hermit or a couch potato. We still need some sun and some physical activity to be healthy. Unfortunately, long exposures and extreme activity are ruled out.




That covers the medical treatment side of the germ form of GWI, though there are certainly other forms of illness that have been grouped under the same name, primarily toxic chemical exposures from the contaminated battlefields of the Gulf War. But what about the political, military, and intelligence aspects? Is GWI a National Security Threat?  Yes! Unfortunately it is.


Where did the germ form of GWI come from? We, at least we in the public domain, don’t fully know with certainty, but some theories are much more explanatory than others. My own situation suggests that at least a good part of Gulf War Illness is indeed an infectious disease, not a toxic chemical exposure—and that disease seems to have originated in contaminated military vaccines. I say this because I did not deploy to the battlefield areas during the Gulf War.  My team was diverted to Europe after receiving the shots (vaccines) for deployment to the war zone (Saudi Arabia) just after the air war began.  Therefore I suspect the vaccines.


In theory, there are other possibilities. I was involved with processing personnel for deployment to and from the battlefield, both in the U.S. and Europe. I came into contact with personnel and equipment returning from the Gulf. I was also issued a gas mask that had recently returned from the Gulf (after the air war started). So I might have picked up some contamination from equipment that could produce an illness, but when one looks at the full data that theory doesn’t match so well. If I had been exposed to some toxic substance that harmed my immune system so that I needed long term antibiotic supplementation to boost the body’s ability to fend off germs, I should be rotating regularly between different types of illnesses having different sets of symptoms, but my symptoms are always the same, and they are always precisely those symptoms identified by researchers as produced by MFI germ infections. And the doxycycline always works. If my immune system was damaged in general terms I would be susceptible to many illnesses, some of which would not respond to doxycycline. And it is doubtful if such minor contact as I had with small bags of equipment and a single gas mask which was thoroughly cleaned before I wore it could have been substantial enough to produce a major chronic illness complex that would resist full resolution for over fifteen years.


I had no more substantial exposures, no exposures to chemical attacks, pesticides, PB pills, oil well fires, fallout from our bombing of Iraqi munitions dumps, etc. Nor did I have exposure to excessive stress for that matter. We worked exceptionally long hours, were somewhat vulnerable to terrorism in our deployed location in Europe, and we worried a bit about being deploying forward into the war zone, but we did not serve in a hostile fire zone.


As far as other means of picking up the MFI germ beyond the vaccine route, casual one-time contact with personnel and equipment would normally not suffice to spread this germ. The MFI germ of GWI is not easily transmitted by human contact, but it is possible to very effectively pass these germs via contaminated vaccines. The skin itself is a major component of our immune system. Bypassing the skin via hypodermic injection gives any germ a much better chance of success. Additional contaminants within the vaccine serum can suppress the immune system, thereby giving an otherwise very fragile germ like MFI a real chance to take hold in the body. Therefore, on a mode of transmission logic, the vaccines become the prime suspect with this particular germ.


In theory, veterans who deployed to the hostile fire areas of the battlefield could have contracted the germ from either the battlefield or from contaminated vaccines, or both. Chemical and biological weapons sprayers or scud missiles could have delivered a more potent concentration of the germ than casual contact with contaminated personnel or equipment would produce. However, for personnel like myself who were given the vaccines for the battlefield deployment but never arrived in the Middle East due to last-minute reassignments, contaminated vaccines remain the only likely source of the disease. In support of the thesis that MFI is not easily transmitted (many germs are not easily transmitted) I refer the reader to one of the United States Department of Transportation's security planning documents, "The Role of the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) In Preparing for Security Incidents and Transportation System Response," by Michael D. Meyer, Ph.D., P.E.


Here DOT only considers anthrax in its planning for potential terrorist incidents involving biological warfare: see In other words, anthrax was, presumably, the only germ addressed because most germs are not effective weapons even in enclosed environments. They have to be delivered just right, and in heavy concentrations. There are a few highly contagious exceptions such as Ebola, but MFI is not one of them. Ebola, of course, is spread through direct contact with blood, not from breathing contaminated air, so it also is an impractical warfare agent. Something as virulent as Ebola is no good as a weapon for another reason: it can't be contained in a predictable way. Its path cannot be predicted. It may wind up eventually hitting the sender's community as well as the target. It also stands to evoke an ultra-severe response that defeats the purpose of using it—the user loses more than he or she gains.


A substantial amount of scientific research has been done on this particular germ that Professor Garth Nicolson and Dr. Nancy Nicolson identified as the cause of much of GWI, Mycoplasma fermentans incognitas (MFI). It’s real—Gulf War Illness activists didn't just make it up in their imaginations. The U.S. Army holds a patent on MFI (issued 1993), and there are reports that scientific research samples of the MFI germ were sold to Iraq (by a lab in Florida) before the first Gulf War under a scientific license. 


The question then, is not, "Is this germ real?" but "Where did it come from; how did the Gulf vets acquire it?" Although Professor Garth Nicolson, in a trip to the Middle East after the war found the illness in the civilian population of the region, and the work crews assigned burial duty among coalition forces were hit hard by mysterious illnesses that quickly disabled and killed many of them (tragically, they may all be dead by now), the general population of our deployed forces on the battlefield never reported being ill with anything other than routine, well-established health problems. Thus, there was no evidence of serious germ warfare induced illness on the battlefield commensurate with heavy spraying or missile attacks. It looks like the burial detail problem derived from the fact that some of the Iraqi units had deployed with germ weapons that they never got a chance to use because the coalition air strikes blew them up in place in the entrenched Iraqi defensive positions. The Iraqi soldiers then became exposed to their own germs (the germs may, in fact, have only infected Iraqi soldiers already dead or dying from the air strikes). Our burial detail personnel may have then picked up the germs from the Iraqi dead in the process of burying them. Civilians in the area may have been the victim of experiments to determine the effects of the germ, or may have been exposed when germ stockpiles were blown up in the vicinity.


Battlefield weapons, to be of any real use, have to immediately and fully disable the warrior. But MFI is a slow growing infection. Therefore, yes, MFI might have remained undetected had it been used on the battlefield, but there is little purpose for a nation at war to use such a germ. Not having a rapid effect, MFI essentially “wimps out” as a battlefield weapon. Thus, the only viable role of MFI is as a racial terrorist, population reduction, eugenics, or long-term economic warfare agent. Groups with such agendas might effectively employ MFI, but nations would hesitate to use this germ, even for such purposes, because, as a germ weapon it falls into the category of a weapon of mass destruction (WMD). In using it, a nation risks retaliation that employs a much more effective WMD such as nuclear bombs or missiles. They risk fully losing in the exchange due to the long time required for MFI to work, which time remains available for their opponent to strike them back with a much more potent weapon system.


Thus, MFI is basically a bad choice for the battlefield. A smart field commander or national command authority would not use such a weapon because it doesn't have enough "Um! Pa! Pa!" to win a war.  Having opened up the conflict to the use of WMDs, they would get little in the way of disabling effects on the battlefield while risking their opponent retaliating with more potent weapons of mass destruction.


A more reasonable hypothesis is that, even if Saddam had made preparations to attack with more potent germs and failed to deliver them in effective ways, since MFI infections turned out to be widespread in deployed veterans beyond the scope that documented battlefield events could account for, the MFI component was delivered via vaccines. And remember, some ill vets never even made it to the battlefield.


Given the findings of Professor Howard Urnovitz that Gulf vets were suffering from retroviral infections, there is good reason to believe that retroviral agents were added to the contaminated vaccines in addition to the MFI germ. Bacteria themselves can carry multiple viruses. Similar to MFI, retroviruses are themselves relatively slow growing.  At worst they might produce flu-like symptoms at a low chronic type level, but even then only after some time. In the heat of battle, both Army doctor and frontline warrior would be inclined to shrug these off with aspirin, fluids and rest—and pure machismo—dismissing any distraction from the primary battlefield mission in deference to the adrenalin rush that accompanies combat conditions.


In sum, MFI does not present a good risk/benefit profile for war planners. It was, therefore, probably not intentionally used on the battlefield. To make battlefield employment worthwhile, MFI would have to be combined with more nasty components having seriously disabling and nearly immediate effects. The absence of acute illnesses of this type on the battlefield suggests that such combinations of more effective germ weapons were never delivered upon U. S. and coalition force battlefield positions. Yes, there were trace amounts of germ warfare agents such as anthrax and brucella, but the fact that the illnesses themselves never fully developed on the battlefield suggests an inadvertent route of exposure with a concentration below that required for battlefield use. More likely, these trace amounts of germ warfare agents that were found in Gulf vets came from exposure to dead Iraqi soldiers whose germ weapon systems were blown up along with the soldier in their defensive positions, or from our demolition experts blowing up Iraqi munitions storage bunkers or laboratories that contained biowarfare stockpiles of germs. Brucella infection tends to cause abortions and, for that reason, qualifies as a weapon for racial eugenics. Thus brucella may have been placed into the terrorist stocks of contaminated vaccines but the illness developed slowly in infected vets due to its concentration being diluted for some reason. Or perhaps the diagnosis on the battlefield was missed for some reason. The Army says it decided not to send germ detection equipment to the Gulf War. The symptoms may not have been reported by gung-ho patriotic and physically very strong veterans because they didn't want to abandon comrades with whom they had trained and were interdependent upon for effective combat performance in the heat of battle—and because Army doctors were probably told to actively discourage such reports.


Thus, a vaccine-transmitted MFI/retroviral cocktail manufactured and deployed by our own domestic terrorists is a more likely cause of GWI than direct battlefield attack by enemy forces. Such a theory best fits the symptoms and lab test results of Gulf vets. It also fits the logic and battlefield doctrine for the use of germ agents in war. Domestic terrorists would, in fact, prefer such weapons for a number of reasons. A delayed effect suits their purposes because so much time elapses between vaccine administration and onset of symptoms that they and their contaminated vaccines are not directly implicated. If the effects were immediate and noticeable shortly after the vaccine was given, very few veterans would be affected before smart epidemiologists would raise the alarm and enforce a vaccine recall. The military would then have to implement a quality control review of vaccine stockpiles and enforce more strict security procedures for vaccine production. Consequently, anyone wishing to infect large numbers of troops via vaccines must use slow-growing delayed-effect germs. MFI is such a germ.


Incredibly, during the height of the Gulf War controversy, 1991-2004, no one was routinely and effectively testing for MFI, although the Army held a patent on the germ as of 1993, and Professor Garth Nicolson had strongly associated the germ with GWI as of 1996. Availability of competent MFI testing is still minimal at best, even today. 


If GWI was an intentional attack on federal troops via vaccines on a large scale it would seem to indicate one of two things. Either the domestic terrorists saw themselves moving closer to their end game, running out of time as our culture advances beyond racism, or our government and the public has been underestimating these groups, the scope of their agenda, and their resolve to carry it out all along—possibly both.


Whatever the finer points of the event history of GWI, its sources and cover-up, may turn out to be, there is a lot that we do know for certain at this point. Peer-reviewed scientific research studies have identified MFI as a cofactor in AIDS and the primary cause of death in many AIDS patients. This is almost certainly no coincidence. Mycoplasmas have been described as able to transport the HIV virus into cells and signal rapid reproduction of the HIV virus, thus giving AIDS a secure foothold in a newly infected victim while at the same time compromising the functions of the immune system. MFI not only enhances the chances of the AIDS (HIV) virus getting a good start in the human body, but MFI will itself  kill the patient when the AIDS virus has been unable to do so. This makes HIV and MFI the perfect combination as a bioterrorism binary weapon set—and practically no one has ever been testing for it, not even after the Nicolsons’ research was published!


It was not difficult for domestic terrorists to compromise the few military labs that might have had the integrity to even attempt to check the veterans’ blood for MFI during the Gulf war and its aftermath. Old and unreliable test methods often failed outright, and when the rare positive finding would develop, its disclosure could be prevented by a variety of means. One of those methods, which has actually been reported to have occurred, is to leave the samples set too long or expose them for a period of time to open air room temperature environments where the MFI germ presence in the sample is rapidly degraded. This very thing happened to me as I lay seemingly dying in an Air Force hospital circa 1992-93, a year or two after the first Gulf War. I was suffering from some mysterious infection that produced an acute dysentery type illness. Three weeks of powerful intravenous antibiotics saved my life (barely), but when I asked the physician what germ had been identified in the test results from stool samples sent to the laboratory he said they weren’t able to identify the germ because the lab technicians mishandled the sample, leaving it exposed too long. The lab test was spoiled either by intention or incompetence.  I have great faith in the integrity of the United States government overall, but I have many reasons to question the competency or good intentions of personnel working the military medical and drug testing labs, several of which are not discussed here.


Prof. Garth and Dr. Nancy Nicolson tell a fascinating story of these kinds of inexplicable lab anomalies occurring around the Gulf War Illness inquiry—and much more, including foul play ranging all the way to contract killings and poisonings—in their recent GWI expose written as a novel, entitled Project Day Lily. Given the Nicolsons' excellent background information, my own experience of living with this illness, and firsthand experience of the tragically inept and heavily propagandized military medical and VA response to Gulf War Illness, I have settled on the racial terrorism hypothesis as the most explanatory theory of what happened. I only came to this theory after close analysis of all aspects of the Gulf War Illness mystery over the past 12 years, especially the science. Despite the fact that on the surface this is an unlikely theory, the hard data forced me to draw this conclusion, anyway. Especially damning is the abnormally high incidence of HIV and MFI in minority and gay populations.


Lyme disease is caused by another suspect germ that is being found more recently in populations with chronic fatigue. It will be interesting to see how the demographic statistics turn out for this germ when sufficient numbers of patients have been tested. On the surface, Lupus is another disease associated with GWI that seems to have afflicted minority populations more heavily than white Caucasians. If you compare symptoms Lupus practically is Gulf War Illness, and science has yet to discover the cause of either. Like everyone else, I have not been naturally predisposed to the racial terrorism theory because it is so uncomfortable to contemplate. And, being military, I naturally tended to look to the battlefield like everyone else. But a closer analysis of the facts shows the racial terrorism hypothesis to be far more explanatory of what we know.


There are potentially quite a few other germs involved in the arsenal of our domestic terrorists, but, to stay on topic, here is what I think happened in the event of the germ side of Gulf War Illness. And there is a chemical injury side to Gulf War Illness as well that appears to account for roughly half the veterans’ problems. In addition, there are a few smaller subgroups afflicted by a handful of other maladies. Chances are the health damage done by dust from the depleted uranium antitank shells is much greater than documented to date.


But, to come back to the topic, by using the good ’ol boy network in the military and defense contracting communities that President Eisenhower warned us of in his farewell speech all the way back in the 1960s (see Michael Korda's recent biography of Eisenhower, Ike: An American Hero, New York: HarperCollins, 2007, at pages 717-720), domestic terrorists with friends and collaborators in the military industrial complex seem to have been pursuing a racist eugenics program using contaminated vaccines to infect minority and gay populations with harmful germs. This has likely been going on since the 1960s when the AIDS epidemic began to emerge in Africa. It is my belief that MFI-contaminated vaccine somehow made its way into the deployment stockpiles for Operation Desert Storm—whether intentionally or accidentally is unclear. Already having an informal network of friends and allies within the military medical, intelligence, and scientific communities, the racial terrorists were able to replace, compromise, or politically intimidate laboratory technicians in the few military and VA labs that were set up to test for MFI, thus ensuring there would be so few positive test results that the terrorists political pull within the rest of DoD would be sufficient to get those results dismissed as errors or statistically insignificant anomalies. 


MFI was then a new germ, at least in the public domain, and few labs were set up to test for it. To compound the problem, MFI is an intracellular germ and cannot be detected with a microscope. It takes complex and expensive DNA-based tests to discover this germ. At the time of the first Gulf War even the handful of labs that might have looked for MFI were using ineffective methods that would frequently miss the germ in a veteran's blood sample even when the laboratory personnel had a real interest in finding the truth.


This domestic racial terrorism theory explains all the known data on Gulf War Illness (and quite a bit more including statistical health anomalies among minorities and gays going back to the '60s). It explains the findings of squalene (an experimental vaccine additive), the findings of retroviruses, the odd genetic illnesses, and the MFI infections. So, it appears that domestic terrorists (with or without collaboration from our foreign enemies) dumped a variety of destructive agents into our military vaccine serums, “hitting us with the kitchen sink,” as it were. There is an established military tactical precedent for doing this in the long-known concept of the “Russian doll cocktail,” which is the Soviet battlefield doctrine of using a mixture of chemical agents or biological agents in the same weapons system to maximize damage to the enemy. 


The MFI germ is perhaps our first real candidate for a genetically engineered designer biowarfare germ, despite its slow speed of producing a critical phase of illness. It is unique in some ways in nature and oddly has a section of the AIDS virus’ genome included in its own genome that allows it to penetrate into living cells. MFI does not survive long in the open blood stream, but requires a host cell for protection; it penetrates a cell and lives inside of it. Oddly, MFI seems to prefer, in addition to the connective tissues of skeletal joints, white blood cells as hosts. The very defensive system tasked to eliminate germs, the immune system’s white blood cells, are the favored hosts for MFI, similar to AIDS. To increase the chances of a successful infection by such a fragile germ, it is probable that substances such as squalene were added to accelerate white blood cell production, thus ensuring the immediate availability of a sufficiently large number of host cells to protect the newly injected MFI germs. Squalene may be performing the accelerant function for MFI that MFI itself performs for HIV. Mother nature is good, but she is seldom that good. There are real indications of intelligent design in both the MFI genome and the larger event of frequent concurrent appearance of MFI and the AIDS virus, their all too convenient mutually beneficial interactions and the even more convenient appearance of squalene in military vaccines of the Gulf War era.


While a combined bio-chemical solution of this kind could have been sprayed directly on our forces on  the battlefield, it would give little advantage because of the weeks, months or years of delay required for the illness to reach incapacitating stage. Such spraying would likely be detected and therefore the enemy would risk complete annihilation in our responding with nuclear weapons to the germ attack. The risk-benefit ratio doesn’t work for Saddam. For domestic terrorists, however, the reverse is true. It is the perfect crime for them. Both toxic battlefield exposure and experimental vaccines can be used as a smokescreen for their vaccine-delivered bioterrorism—someone else will be blamed. If the crime is eventually detected, and even if we find out who did it, we can’t nuke our own territory in response. Domestic racial terrorists and American Nazis are blended all across America among our own people. They need not fear retaliation with WMDs at all the way foreign enemies would. And they don’t want or need immediate incapacitation of U.S. forces; they can wait. In fact gradualism works best for them. Certainly, they would have been glad to have crushed U.S. forces in the Gulf War if it could have been arranged. But that was beyond the reach of their resources at the time, and the slower method has its own advantages. This way they can move their people into the key positions in our military that are vacated by those falling ill (to the extent they have resources and otherwise qualified personnel), step by step increasing their presence and power within our own system. They can even individually target the key individuals they hope to replace by using this germ to contaminate their personal vaccine dose. The bottom line is, the Gulf War Illness event and cover-up has domestic terrorism written all over it.


Yes, there does seem to have been a cover-up, but in my opinion the United States government as such was not the primary perpetrator of that cover-up, although they might have had their own largely legitimate reasons for trying to keep the whole thing quiet. The racist/Nazi good ’ol boy network within and outside our government are the ones primarily responsible for hiding the truth about the germ side of Gulf War Illness. The cover-up of both Agent Orange injuries to Vietnam War veterans and the germ side of Gulf War Illness is almost certainly the work of Nazis working in the U.S. military and intelligence sectors (and related government agencies, including military hospitals and the Veterans Administration). Nazis in these agencies are guilty of aggravating veterans’ injuries and illnesses by giving decision makers faulty policy advice, misdirecting related scientific research, and withholding proper treatment to Agent Orange and Gulf War Illness, including failing to prescribe doxycycline for the germ version of Gulf War Illness (GWI). Doxycycline restores patients suffering the GWI germ illness to 80-90% of normal health within 18 months to 3 years of treatment at the 300mg per day level. (Note: Treatment must continue indefinitely, and capsules may not work for some patients; these GWI patients should take the tablets).


Here again we see classic vehicles for the merging of Nazi operations with U.S. government programs used as cover. Just as MKUltra may have provided a cover for Nazis to attack politically targeted persons, experimental vaccines may have been used as a cover for a biowarfare attack on the U.S. military by U.S. Nazis. Intentionally or unintentionally turning Agent Orange into a more toxic poison by burning affected areas with napalm produced another situation the Nazis in the U.S. military medical system and VA could manipulate to harm veterans who had not signed on to support their long term insurgency operation against the U.S. government.


One might want to object that ultra-conservative Americans would not do such a thing, not even the violent racists. While that is true as stated in many cases, genuine Nazis are not patriotic Americans; they are fascists whose philosophy drives a form of government that is not even close to democracy as we know it today. The Nazis have always maintained active American and British branches of their organization (in addition to the one still alive in Germany)—before, during, and after WWII. No doubt they have similar networks in other nations as well. The Nazi philosophy has a deep psychological appeal to many people even today due to its offering control over a troubled and threatening world that reveals no other quick and easy solutions. The solution offered by Nazis is simple and based on the universal human instinct to fear strangers and others who are not like oneself (xenophobia): kill the foreigners, kill the strangers, kill the undesirables; they are the problem. Nazis use mistaken views of genetics, outdated since the 1960s, to “justify” their views and to identify the undesirables. For the Nazi solution to be implemented, obviously the United States as we know it, the defenders of freedom, democracy and human rights around the globe must fall. 


Thus we have motive, opportunity, and a known modus operandi (use of science and genetically engineered germs to eradicate the opposition) all applying to the Nazis as prime suspects for being the perpetrators of this major attack on U.S. forces by contaminating our military vaccines with germs during the Gulf War. Had it been more successful, it might have incapacitated our deployed forces in the Gulf. This would have given Saddam the opportunity to overrun the Coalition, in theory giving him possession of our powerful military hardware, causing us to redeploy a similar force, itself struck again by bad vaccines. Had this occurred it would have left us open to a coordinated attack at home by a partnership between the American Nazis in our military and police networks and our similar ultraconservative ultranationalist rogue networks among foreign nations such as China and/or Iran, any nation who is fascist (brown shirt) oriented.


Yes, we won a startling and demonstrative victory in the Gulf, but we may never know how close we came to a very different result. Many veterans had to heroically work through a horrific vaccine-induced illness that they could not prove was real in order to produce that victory. No one except themselves will ever know how difficult and painful achieving that victory was. The MFI germ partially “fizzled,” as a battlefield weapon,  it didn’t completely knock down the veterans, but it did give them a tortuous illness that produced untold misery. 


Did most of the ill vets experience a brief but tortuous acute initial phase of the germ form of GWI during the war, or was it primarily a fully delayed onset illness? (MFI infection can take three to seven years to fully manifest.) I don’t know. I experienced an acute phase during the war in my deployed location in Europe. It knocked me down pretty good and all I had to do was try to get a stubborn computer to function: diarrhea, intense headaches, fatigue, memory glitches. Had I not been given powerful antibiotics then I could not have performed my work at all. The military doctors did not initially volunteer to help me, however. It took several visits and outright demands on my part and, if I remember correctly, a call from the Captain who was commanding our team to express a concern for mission accomplishment, to get the necessary antibiotic issued. I don’t know how common this experience was for other deployed veterans, but I suspect that until such time as they received the correct antibiotics, they were potentially performing as supermen and superwomen, working through intense suffering to get the wartime mission accomplished. I honestly believe that our nation has no idea just how heroic those veterans were and how much they went through to win that war. I am not talking about myself here. I was allowed to stretch out on the floor of the computer room, overdose on Advil and caffeine and wait for the tortuous headaches and fatigue to subside; I am talking about those people on the battlefields who drove the tanks in merciless heat, which aggravates GWI tremendously, had to focus precisely with impaired vision and blinding headaches, and exert themselves while dehydrated and zapped by the acute phase of the illness to complete exhaustion, with no doctor to give them sympathy, other than field medics, who might have helped them as they could.


The military culture has always been one to dismiss illness as an unmanly thing to complain of. Rarely will military people admit an illness, and more rarely will a military doctor confirm one. Since our military either denied or was unaware of the reality of the problem of GWI at the time, those troops had no place to turn for help. They just had to suffer. While trying to gear themselves up to superhuman effort to defeat a desert trained army, combat seasoned, the fourth largest army in the world, this illness was tearing them apart inside, but what could they do? To claim an illness, no matter how bad, without the ability to prove it in the military is taboo; one is automatically presumed to be a wimp. In the military one basically has to prove to the doctor that he or she is ill to get treatment. This is true in the best of times, at home during peace. During war, forget it. You will be dismissed by the medical system as a faking coward, and, with the exception of those that personally know you, your own fellow troops will likely follow the doctor’s condemnation and view you as a pariah as well.


So what can you do when something like Gulf War Illness occurs? You can only suffer through it and pray God shows you a way out. The extreme degree to which our combat army veterans suffered will simply never be known. And that doesn’t even include their being branded as mental cases when they came home after a heroic effort most likely unmatched at any time in history due to the extra burden they carried of this invisible illness. It doesn’t include watching themselves deteriorate before the eyes of their families, communities and employers and increasingly looking like incompetents or crazies because this germ was incrementally disabling their bodies and brain (MFI is one of the few germs that can get past the blood-brain barrier).


This MFI germ is “half” of the typical AIDS complex (other germs may also be involved in some cases). The MFI germ may be a more recent product of biowarfare labs, or it may have evolved naturally. Mycoplasmas were among the very first genomes to be fully sequenced, and they are simple organisms. Both of these facts suggest that science’s lack of prior knowledge of the MFI germ was not due to inadvertent failure of science to discover the germ, but due to the fact that it had not been around long. By 1995 when world-class microbiologist Dr. Garth Nicolson first published his findings of the MFI germ in Gulf War Illness patients, there had been tens of millions suffering from the AIDS complex. While the transfer of the HIV “envelope gene” into the mycoplasma genome might have occurred naturally, it is also possible that the transfer was intentionally forced or encouraged.


The timing of the discovery of MFI, combined with the glaring statistical profile of AIDS patients that screams political targeting of minority races and gays, suggests that the HIV virus, although naturally occurring, was employed by Nazis/racists as phase one of a germ attack on minority races and gays. But HIV may have been deemed too slow or insufficiently lethal, so MFI was added as a booster to increase lethality—a “one-two punch” form of attack. At least one scientific journal article asserts that it is the MFI germ, not the HIV virus, that is responsible for the death of most AIDS patients. MFI was therefore possibly either invented in a lab for use as phase two of the modern Nazi germ warfare genocide pogrom, or a natural occurrence of the MFI germ was discovered and co-opted for biowarfare use by Nazis the same as the HIV virus was in phase one.


David Gilbert. in his well-researched article, “AIDS, Conspiracy or Natural Disaster?” in Covert Action Quarterly (Fall 1996), the advent of AIDS in the human community (link courtesy of TIME magazine) had arguably begun many years before science discovered the HIV virus. Although Gilbert makes a strong case that the HIV virus itself was not manufactured intentionally by humans in a laboratory (because the HIV illness can be shown to have occurred before science discovered the existence of such viruses), he was not aware of the partnership between the MFI germ and the HIV virus in producing the larger illness known as AIDS complex. The convincing argument Gilbert gives against a biowarfare lab having produced the HIV virus does not apply to the MFI germ, the existence of which has not been demonstrated to be older than human science’s initial discovery of the HIV genome’s “envelope gene.” Considering the near certain weaponization of MFI as a biowarfare agent used against the U.S. military via vaccine contamination during the first Gulf War, it is likely that this HIV "envelope gene" was intentionally spliced into the mycoplasma genome to produce the new germ, MFI.


And the logic of Gilbert's argument does have two weak spots. What was unknown to science in the public domain was not necessarily unknown to secret Nazi biowarfare research units. Nazi germ warfare research may have secretly continued long after WWII, and the discovery of the HIV virus could have been made by Nazi holdouts sometime after the war. Nazis may also have inadvertently discovered during their heinous WWII experiments (or later) that injecting humans with monkey blood made them ill. Nazis may have initiated the AIDS epidemic before they were aware which specific germ in monkey blood was responsible for the illness.


In his Covert Action Quarterly article Gilbert asks his readers to dismiss conspiracy theories about AIDS being used to attack minority races and gays because the HIV germ wasn’t made in a lab. Gilbert makes the glaring logical omission of failing to allow that a germ does not have to be manufactured artificially in a laboratory to be useable as a biowarfare weapon. This is surprising, given his assertion earlier in the same article that early European settlers in the United States used smallpox-infected blankets to try to destroy Native American communities. In fact, the history of biowarfare shows that all or nearly all biowarfare agents are naturally occurring germs not produced in laboratories—with the arguable exception of MFI.


So, although the HIV virus itself is apparently not a man-made biowarfare agent, it remains fully possible that the AIDS complex epidemic (involving not only HIV but MFI and other germs) is an artificially contrived or exacerbated epidemic targeted at minority races and the gay population—and their political allies.


Why continue to press for the truth after so many years when the Gulf War veterans are surely either dead or have obtained some treatment that helps? Dignity and honor: theirs, not mine. I am not a combat veteran. My administrative tasks were bad enough. But heat and stress are two of the biggest intensifiers of the tortuous symptoms of GWI and that is largely the only two things the desert combat veterans had in their environment at the time: intense heat and intense stress. I don’t think any of this is a coincidence. This MFI germ was intentionally manufactured or at least identified and cultivated as a weapon. There are only two reasons MFI is not an effective weapon: 1) real soldiers are stronger men and greater warriors than the terrorists who designed and tested the germ; and 2) love is stronger than hate. Our warriors loved their country; they loved their families, and they loved the honorable profession of the military soldier. The presumed majority of them loved their God. They intensely felt their obligations to serve. They were patriots, family and homeland protectors, and Christian warriors. I believe many of our soldiers fought the first Gulf War personally believing they were going to die trying against an unseen physiological enemy they could not identify, a biological threat they were not permitted by peer pressure and service policy to admit but nonetheless intuitively knew was there. Thanks be to God many of them prevailed long enough for a short war to be terminated. With few exceptions, these heroic men and women never said a word at the time about the internal horror they had to live through to achieve that magnificent victory for the free world. So I have come to believe is the inside story of the first Gulf War—heroes every one of them.


And how did “we” treat them when they came back, and, when the pressure of war was off, they tried to get help from military medicine? We called them “psychological cases, nothing physically wrong with them.” Shame and dishonor on military medicine, otherwise traditionally so heroic—shame and dishonor. At what level did military medicine fail? Almost certainly not at the bottom level of the individual doctor, but at the level of policy and laboratory testing support. Shame and dishonor to treat heroic warriors that way, warriors who had suffered so much and done superhuman things to liberate the Kuwaiti people and ensure our freedom for the future.



Further articles on problems with military vaccines can be found at Military Vaccine Problems -- Related Articles.


Dr. Howard Urnovitz GWI Research Viral Causes:


Emerging Infectious Diseases Journal at CDC:



More Problems…


Comments on the Recent Flawed VA GWI Study


Flawed!!!??? What’s could be wrong with It? It’s from the VA and has many fine doctors’ names on it; it must be perfect right? Wrong.


First of all here is the VA Study Summarized in Annals of Internal Medicine Journal Article ST Donta, Engel CC, Jr., Collins JF, et al., “Benefits and harms of doxycycline treatment for Gulf War veterans' illnesses: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial.” Annals of Internal Medicine. Vol. 141, issue no. 2 (2004): 85-94.


Note: An article on the study in question is listed as bibliography entry #355 in the U.S. government’s Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses Gulf War Illness and the Health of Gulf War Veterans: Scientific Findings and Recommendations, Washington, D.C.: U.S. Government Printing Office, November 2008. This large but lightly written and easily read document can be downloaded free from the VA Website:  GWI and Health of GW Veterans RAC-GWVI Report 2008.pdf.


Also see Joseph F. Collins, Sam T. Donta, Charles C. Engel Jr., Joel B. Baseman, Lisa L. Dever, Thomas Taylor, Kathy D. Boardman, Suzanne E. Martin, Annette L. Wiseman, John R. Feussner. “The Antibiotic Treatment Trial of Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses: Issues, Design, Screening, and Baseline Characteristics.” Controlled Clinical Trials. Volume 23, issue 3 (2002): 333-353.




This large follow-up study on the Nicolsons’ MFI research was only offered nearly 10 years after the initial exposure. Nicolson’s research which identified the MFI germ as the cause of part of Gulf War Illness was already over 4 years old at the April 1999 beginning of the study, and 6 years old at its completion.  Six years is far too long to wait when a potentially lethal infection is at work inside the victims, especially since the President had already priority tasked those looking into GWI to leave no stone unturned and fund all research avenues that were promising. Why give the lethal MFI germ an additional 6-year head start to kill our veterans before following up fully valid scientific research, and the most promising research we had? The scientific working assumption had to be that Nicolson’s preliminary studies were valid and that therefore the veterans were being eaten up more each day by the infections. The medical situation of the veterans at that point should have been considered urgent.


None of the other theories of GWI showed relief of 90% of symptoms like the Nicolsons’ doxycycline protocol did. The other studies and lines of treatment produced very little relief and no extended symptom-free periods between treatments as did the Nicolsons’ doxycycline treatment protocol. Yet almost all of the alternative theories of GWI received large government grants to do additional research, while the Nicolsons more than promising approach received none until the lethal MFI germ had been given this huge head start to take down our military. Quite a few private studies have been done and published in the scientific journals that confirm the reality of these Mycoplasma infections as the references at the bottom of this page show.


True, there were some additional confirmatory research studies that solidified the Nicolsons’ case between the Nicolsons’ initial findings of the MFI germ in 1996 and the new VA study. This cross-corroboration may have been the deciding factor in VA’s thinking, but the Nicolson’s research was clearly valid in the first instance. The Nicolsons’ studies were the paradigm of a first bite etiological study and his credentials were as good as anyone in the world. Nicolson incontrovertibly established MFI infections in the ill vets and the causative role of MFI infection the major symptoms of GWI in those vets. The germ was found and when the germ went away due to doxycycline treatment the symptoms went away. It was very straightforward.


Nicolson’s small preliminary studies confirming the MFI theory of Gulf War Illness should have been checked out further and immediately followed by a much larger population study, but why wait another 6 years to do it? There is no acceptable scientific reason for waiting, certainly given the health crisis so clearly at hand. What kinds of reasons other than scientific might there be? To state the obvious, there might be terrorist, criminal, political, bureaucratic, or big business reasons.


What might change during the 6-year delay in these categories of alternative reasons to make it worthwhile to wait? There would be less evidence of a crime available to trace back to specific guilty individuals; that’s mainly what would change. There would be less infected vets still alive, but there would still be some. The evidence trail could still conceivably be reconstructed through them.


What kind of evidence might definitely be fully gone in 6 years? Contaminated vaccine stockpiles, that’s what kind of evidence. Waiting 6 years gives the criminals and their sympathizers time to dispense with bogus vaccine stocks through a variety of routes over time. What the situation suggests is that the racist/Nazi good ’ol boy network jawboned the VA into delays until this evidence removal task could be completed. That is the only plausible reason for the VA to undertake such a ludicrous parody of scientific method, to wait an additional 6 years after they knew there was probably a virulent infection going on, a germ side to Gulf War Illness as well as a toxic chemical side. 


So, other than being 6-10 years late (perhaps criminally late), what specifically is wrong with the study? The biggest problem is that the VA excluded vets from the study who were on doxycycline or similar drugs that are effective against MFI such as ciprofloxacin. This ensured a failure of the study because the veterans who had suffered serious MFI infections for several years or more and had not received antibiotics would be either dead, fully disabled and incommunicado with society (unaware of the study), or fully distrusting of the VA who let them suffer as long as 10 years from a disabling infection that ruined their health, finances, and family before looking at a cause already made both obvious and scientifically documented by one of the world’s top microbiologists, Professor Garth Nicolson. What rational person would volunteer under that circumstance given the government’s (VA and Public Health Service) track record of human experimentation and bioterrorism against minorities? The absolute best prospects for the study were precisely those who were on antibiotics., and these were the veterans the VA excluded from the study!


MFI infected vets who were still alive would be alive only because of one or two reasons: they were genetically predisposed to relative immunity to MFI infection, or they had found natural or medicinal remedies that gave them at least partial relief. In the first case they don’t need the doxycycline treatment, wouldn’t likely believe the illness was even real, and wouldn’t have serious enough symptoms to qualify for the study. In the second case they would understand that they would have to forfeit the self-discovered ameliorative methods that were keeping them alive and stable while most other GWI vets were rapidly declining or had already progressed into grave disorders like ALS. If my experience with this illness is any indication, they would be convinced from reading their own bodies experience with the illness that they would run a solid chance of not surviving the long research study or of incurring permanent nerve damage, rare cancers, ALS, or similar problems known to spring from untreated GWI.


The logic of waiting was all wrong from the prospective test subject’s point of view. If the prospective test subject felt there was any chance of the study proving MFI infection and efficacious treatment with doxycycline to be the real cause and treatment the only rational survival-based course for that person to take would be to skip the study and immediately seek doxycycline treatment to arrest the course of a multiyear year infection likely to put them into a wheel chair or worse at any moment. Alternatively, If they felt there was no substantial merit to the MFI theory, then it would be a waste of their time and resources to participate, resources fully critical to them because they were seriously ill, unable to work full time and incurring steep medical bills.


The bottom line: a rational thinking veteran who actually had MFI infection would simply have no reason to participate in such a study—except the veterans who had a year or more of doxycycline treatment already under their belts that had knocked the illness back sufficiently that they could plausible risk living 12 months without the life-saving antibiotic. Therefore, what test subjects the study ended up with were not the vets with serious MFI infections at all. They were vets with nerve and immune system damage from chemical exposures whose conditions mimicked MFI infections; vets with trace amounts of Mycoplasma fermentans that had yet to build into a serious infection; racist/Nazi sympathetic personnel who were not really ill at all, but projecting false symptoms from a knowledge of what MFI does to the body, and a hodgepodge of other vets who had various “normal” health problems who for whatever reason had not yet achieved a viable diagnosis and treatment who reflected traces of other more routine species of Mycoplasma not even remotely related to Gulf War sources.


It is highly probable, given the contaminated vaccine hypothesis as the best overall explanation, that there were many veterans with both an MFI infection and illnesses from toxic chemical exposures. Those with toxic chemical injuries mimicking MFI infections who also had an MFI infection would therefore not report an improved symptom profile after antibiotic treatment even though the MFI infection they were actually suffering from had in fact been defeated by doxycycline treatment. In other words some substantial portion of the study participants, assuming for the moment that they were genuinely ill, likely had two independent causes for a set of very similar and substantially overlapping symptoms. When the symptoms from cause #1, the germ cause, went away, they still suffered from a similar illness caused by cause #2, the toxic chemical exposures that depressed/damaged their immune system, making them susceptible to chronic infections of various kinds and just generally having very similar fatigue, fibromyalgia and Lupus-like symptoms. They were looking for overall restoration to health, disappointed that they didn't get it, and didn't have sufficient background knowledge to be able to verbally differentiate any change in their health.


Having lived with GWI for 24 years now, one thing I notice to be glaringly absent from the description of the study subjects is that none of them were described as just completely miserable, a physical wreck, expecting to die, and barely able to even get up and move around. Those are the symptoms of advanced untreated MFI infections.


How can any rational person familiar with the normal common sense protocols of scientific medical research believe that the VA could undertake this study 10 years late while excluding the most relevant test subjects and conceivably have either good intentions or scientific objectivity? Even if they were not sympathetic to the Nazi/racists criminals who contaminated the vaccines, their own self-interest would argue strongly against doing a fair study. A positive outcome of the study could only demonstrate that MFI was the cause of much of the GWI, thus showing VA and military medicine to have been fully incompetent for missing the MFI infections in the first place. It would also show the research management councils to have been grossly negligent in not immediately awarding funds for MFI research during the mid ’90s, since as of 1996 they were told of the MFI infections in writing by a world-class microbiologist who had performed multiple flawless preliminary studies.


While workers at the vaccine production plants are presumably the ones who contaminated military vaccines, laboratory technicians and biowarfare researchers in the U.S. military are the only people in a position to cover-up the illness once the veterans came home ill and starting sending blood tests into the DOD labs. This assumes, of course, that military and VA labs were even trained and equipped sufficiently that they could find MFI, and that is by no means clear. The military and VA did not have an effective test for MFI until the Nicolsons offered to let them use their newly developed gene assay PCR method for this study. So the VA waited 10 years to even pursue use of the only testing method likely to find the germ, and then excluded the only persons likely to have serious infections of the germ once the proper test method was given to them.


So, in their infinite wisdom and commitment to following the presidential mandate to leave no stone unturned to find the cause of Gulf War Illness, what did the research directors do? They awarded a $70 million dollar contract (taxpayer dollars) for a large study to follow-up on Nicolson’s promising MFI research 10 years late after incalculable suffering, tragedy, and damage to the veterans’ health that might have been prevented had transpired in the meantime; 10 years late when little hope of success remained; directed it at the wrong group of veterans; and gave the job to a group of researchers who had for years refused any interest in using the only test method capable of finding the germ, people clearly not motivated to find the truth. That’s what’s wrong with the study! Essentially every major thing that could be wrong with it.


Even for the largely innocent staff of DOD and VA medicine, confirming the Nicolson’s results would be a politically untenable result, as their organizations would be revealed to be professionally incompetent in not finding the germ in the first place.  If there was criminal culpability as I have hypothesized here, the not-so-innocent staff members would realize that a criminal investigation would be the likely result. There is therefore no reason to believe the VA or military medicine would do an honest study concerning MFI and GWI. Why should a rational person expect the DOD or the VA to do an honest study 10 years late when the only possible outcome of positive findings on MFI would be an indictment of the entire VA and military medical systems for gross incompetence, criminal liability, or radical failure on the scientific side of military preparedness? So, what do you think we got? A dishonest study; right. As the Lord God tells us in the Bible: don’t put your trust in human beings (because they will foul things up every time). [My parenthetical extension, but I think that is what the Lord was getting at.]


As the references at the bottom of this page show, there was quite a bit of corroboration of MFI presence in GWI vets, and GWI typically responded to doxycycline treatment very well. This is shown in the Research Advisory Committee report itself. Why all of a sudden after a confirmed 10-year plus pattern of research results proving MFI infections do the results inexplicably change while studying what is supposed to be the same group using the same method when the DOD/VA begins to control the study? A rhetorical question for which we already know the answer: politics or crime. There can be no other plausible hypothesis. Even the “honest” staff of DOD/VA medicine had much to lose in confirming MFI, for it would show their organizations to be professionally incompetent.


You may object that "It's not really possible to make a fraudulent scientific study; the method of science itself rules that out." This is unfortunately not so. There are many contrived approaches that can be used to generate a fraudulent study. We have just described one such approach.


If there was an intent to make a fraudulent study (not necessarily known to all the scientists involved, or even to any of them), a possibility is that many participants were coached in advance of signing on for the study on how to describe their symptoms. They reported symptoms that matched the MFI version of GWI when in fact they were either fully healthy or suffering from something substantially different. Some mixture of these compromising factors may have occurred. It is a simple matter for a compromised lab technician to report that the participant had the biomarkers for MFI whether they in fact had such indications in their blood or not. Given the epidemic we now have of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, autoimmune arthritis, and Lupus, it is a near certainty that tens of thousands of persons would have had such markers at that time, even in the civilian population, persons who never set foot in the Gulf.


Given that Nicolson unequivocally established MFI as one of the primary causes of GWI as of 1996, the failure to offer empiric doxycycline treatment to ill Gulf War veterans is a gross dereliction of physician responsibility. But, of course, military and VA physicians were being told that they could depend fully upon the military medical laboratory results, which consistently gave negative results for MFI. The failure of the military/VA labs is absolutely the key to understanding the GWI mystery on the germ side of things.


The military and VA doctors should have offered the vets long-term trials of doxycycline in any case. Common sense tells you that a broad-spectrum antibiotic should work on many if not most cases of unknown germs. The approved treatment protocols of modern medicine allow physicians to test antibiotics on patients to see if the treatment will give them improved health when nothing else can be found that helps. Yet DOD/VA never offered empiric treatment to veterans when their symptoms were suggestive of germ infections and they had just returned from a foreign modern high tech battlefield where both rarely seen indigenous germ infections and biowarfare weapons use have to be considered a known risk.


From the reports I saw coming  Gulf War veterans over the 15 years following the war who talked about their experiences with Gulf War Illness (and trust me I was paying close attention), the majority of those who tried doxycycline treatment for an extended time (several six week cycles of treatment or longer) obtained vast improvements to their health. Yet all of a sudden the same treatment didn’t seem to work for the vets in the VA study when it was previously documented to have been working everywhere else. This gross discrepancy remains unexplained. The bottom line is that there are many very serious flaws in that VA study. The harder question is “Why?”


In proposing that the more probable answer lies in the hypothesis of domestic racial bioterrorism, followed by a convergence of professional, political, and personal motives to cover up the initial diagnostic faux pas, I don’t mean to criminally indict the entire government, but only a handful (maybe a large handful) of domestic terrorists ala Nichols/McVeigh who had been using the MFI germ along with AIDS to attack minorities and gays since the ’60s. Being already culpable for these enormous crimes, even if cross-contamination of the veterans' vaccines was an accident of the rush to battle that mixed bioterrorist vaccine stocks with standard issue military vaccine serums, they wouldn't want their racist germ weapon to be revealed as the cause of Gulf War Illness. This would have produced nation-wide testing for the terrorists’ favorite germ and we would have discovered that, just as with AIDS where minorities are 4 to 8 times as likely to have the infection as whites, minorities have clearly been targeted with this MFI germ as well. In fact, MFI is pretty clearly a full co-partner in the likely bioterrorist exacerbated AIDS epidemic.


Even for someone convinced of the bioterror aspect of part of Gulf War Illness it remains clear that there were many factors that caused illnesses in the Gulf War vets, and the 150 million dollars spent pursuing them was not all wasted. But the different factors caused discernibly different illnesses. The symptomatic and laboratory biomarker profiles for each of the hypothesized causes of the Gulf War illnesses such as nerve agent/PB pill poisoning, depleted uranium exposures, and a variety of different germs, is each discernibly different from the others in its full clinical profile, notwithstanding the fact that each etiologically distinct form of GWI tended to present some symptoms that overlapped one or more of the other forms.


I have studied the GWI phenomenon since 1998. My motivation was to stay alive to assist my children and to help other veterans do the same. The most strikingly obvious facet of the total public record is that the behavior of DOD/VA does not reflect the pattern of a behavior patter of a group of compassionate and professionally conscientious experts making a concerted effort at logical problem solving for any kind of significant problem, let alone life and death. We got delays; we got excuses; we got mysteries; we got contradictions; we got cover stories; we got promises; we got millions of dollars spent. But those millions were spent on every alternative except the one that offered an effective treatment! And that treatment was confirmed as of 1996!


The GWI cover-up clearly revolves around avoiding public implementation of reliable tests for this new MFI germ. It would seem that nobody on either side of the conflict wants the past and present trail of this germ to be made visible—perhaps for very different kinds of reasons. We already know MFI is strongly implicated in not only the AIDS epidemic, but also MS, ALS, autism, Gulf War Illness, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, and Lyme Disease—yet our private and public health system hasn’t lifted a finger to implement testing for MFI. Even government bureaucracies don’t remain that oblivious to events for that long when so much is at stake. The few labs that struggled into existence against the political tide through the heroic efforts of right-minded citizens quickly found themselves afflicted by dedicated efforts to compromise the labs reliability or perhaps prevent the business from succeeding financially sufficient to continue.


On the surface of this whole new-germ-list phenomena it would appear that somebody is trying to take the United States apart by bombarding us with new germs. The only established organization in modern history known to operate in this manner, pursuing major military objectives via cutting edge science, while simultaneously trying to sculpt the demographic profile of the human race, is the Nazi organization. It is a simple logical inference to the American racists/American Nazis as the guilty parties behind GWI. They did this, with or without foreign help.


Please contact your representatives in Congress as well as the President to insist that we establish a continuing investigation of vaccine contamination used as a means of foreign/domestic racist bioterrorism. Ask them to put permanent countermeasures in place to ensure that such terrorists are defeated and that our vaccines are effectively secured against future repetitions of the GWI tragedy. 


May God bless and keep you through these troubled times.



MSgt Rick Harrison (USAF, Ret.)








Note: The following excerpt of the Project Day Lily book description is taken from the Xlibris Corporation Bookstore Web page for the book:


Project Day Lily tells the story of the discovery that men and women of our Armed Forces were actually exposed to chemical and biological mixtures from missiles and sprayers during the Gulf War that were supplied, in part, by a sinister network using a group of rogue bureaucrats, intelligence operatives and scientists. They were also exposed to contaminants in the multiple vaccines given during deployment. Project Day Lily presents the story of how one of these biological agents was found by two American scientists in veterans of the Gulf War and in civilians as part of a massive testing program and how various academic and governmental employees did everything in their power to prevent this information from being released to the American public.


The Project Day Lily story chronicles the events surrounding what the public knows as Gulf War Syndrome. To this day, the public perception of that tragedy is very limited, but now there are over 150,000 veterans of that conflict that suffer from chronic illnesses and tens of thousands have died without acknowledgment or proper assistance to keep secret the origin of their illnesses.”


Project Day Lily is a print on demand book. You will probably not find it on the shelves. Go to the customer service counter of your bookstore to order it. It is a bit expensive but worth its weight in gold for those who want to know the truth. Project Day Lily may also be ordered directly from Xlibris Corporation by phone, 1-888-795-4274 (as of this writing), or from the Xlibris Web site at







1. Professor Garth Nicolson was a top ten microbiologist and had been nominated for a Nobel Prize at the time he conducted research studies revealing germ infections as a cause of a large percentage of GWI (~45%). His wife and research partner Dr. Nancy Nicolson is an accomplished scientist in her own right.


2. The President’s Gulf War Illness research council and VA/DOD chose not to fund large-scale studies until roughly 5 years after the Nicolsons’ peer-reviewed scientific research studies identifying MFI as the cause of ~45% of Gulf War Illness were published and presented to the Congress and the President’s research council, 10 years after the Gulf War.


3. The Nicolsons’ Antibiotic treatment protocol worked to resolve symptoms in GWI vets yet the military and VA did not make it available to veterans on an empiric trial basis, despite the fact that there were major problems with DOD/VA’s ability to accomplish accurate tests for the germ in their own laboratories.

(Shades of Tuskegee?


4. Notable military officers, full colonels in special operations among them, confirmed the Nicolsons’ treatment protocol worked to heal them when nothing else did.


5. The Nicolsons’ daughter, who was Army airborne during the first Gulf War, brought GWI home where Drs. Garth and Nancy Nicolson apparently contracted it from her. All three subsequently recovered from GWI after several courses of doxycycline treatment.


6. Multiple types of biowarfare germs were found in ill veterans of the Gulf War.


7. The germ Nicolson identified, Mycoplasma fermentans incognitas (MFI), had been discovered prior to the Gulf War in prisoners in Texas.


8. The United States Army holds the patent on the germ Nicolson identified as the cause of GWI in a subpopulation of vets (~45%). (Lo, S. C. Pathogenic Mycoplasma. U.S. Patent #5,242,820. Issued September 7, 1993.)


9. There was an obvious attempt at denial and cover-up of GWI by military medicine and the VA, and perhaps by individuals in other elements of government. What their motivations were remains unclear. It is possible there was a mixture of motivations, not all good, but not all bad either, just tragic in their results.


10. French military personnel took doxycycline prior to entering the Gulf War battlefield. They did not come down with GWI, while many soldiers from other nations’ militaries who did not take doxycycline did contract GWI.


11. Anthrax vaccines have more recently produced illnesses similar to GWI.


12. On the surface, a case can be made that blacks in Africa and gays in America have been targeted by the AIDS virus. This hypothesis is not contradicted by the claim that the AIDS virus originated in nature as opposed to originating in the lab because natural occurring germs can be used for warfare/terrorism as easily as artificial germs.


13. MFI has been identified as a primary cofactor in the death of AIDS patients. Thus it is a plausible phase 2 to bioterrorism targeting those groups previously targeted with AIDS who have creatively managed to string together a plethora of therapies and natural health regimens to survive. I and many vets suffering from GWI now know how they feel.


14. Small quantities of MFI were sold to Iraq under medical research licenses by a biomedical firm in Boca Rotan Florida prior to the Gulf War.


15. After publishing his initial research on GWI, Professor Nicolson was harassed and run out of a prestigious research position chair at the University of Texas.


16. No effort was apparently made to test or decontaminate either the public blood supply or vaccine serum stock after the Nicolsons identified MFI (and other germs) as present in ~45% of ill Gulf War vets, who, as far as I know were not instructed to cease blood donations. 


17. A U. S. Air Force Reserve nurse, Capt. Joyce Riley, became ill with GWI after treating veterans of the Gulf War on medical evacuation flights. Captain Riley was treated using the Nicolsons’ doxycycline protocol and recovered, then became a nationally known activist on the issue.


18. Burial detail personnel in the Gulf became even more quickly and intensively ill than other soldiers. Most if not all who worked burial duty died of their illnesses, indicating the high probability of biowarfare agents on the battlefield in some locations. So battlefield exposure to biowarfare agents from some source, including unintentional release due to stockpiles being bombed, does seem to have contributed somewhat to the overall problem of the germ side of GWI in addition to the vaccine contamination problem.


19. The way the GWI cover-up proceeded over the past twenty some odd years indicates a desire to obstruct testing and diagnosis vis-a-vis the biological side of things much more than to obstruct release of info about the other potential causes of GWI. Ironically, the biological side is much easier to treat with rapid effect than the toxic chemical illness side. Although there is no permanent cure for the germ version to date, a near complete recovery is possible for many via long-term antibiotic therapy.



Theories of Most Concern

Although the possibilities of biowarfare on the battlefield or “innocent” problems with experimental military vaccines are both almost certainly players in the larger tragedy of GWI, that war is over and there is no immediate concern of an ongoing threat (the threat of using immature genetic science in vaccines will remain an ongoing threat, however). The concern about an ongoing threat revolves primarily around the hypothesis of domestic bioterrorism against gays and racial minorities. There is also the question of human experimentation minus informed consent that has not entirely been put to bed.


To compound the domestic terrorism concern is the possibility of foreign nations with hostile intentions to the U. S. having sponsored the initial event of GWI via vaccine contamination (or rogue groups or individuals within nations not overtly hostile to Western democracies doing the same).


Domestic bioterrorists, racists and Nazis, trying to start a race war and or meltdown the health of the U.S. population using MFI infections and a host of other new germs is obviously not a small concern. To attack the health of the workforce also serves to attack our economy and our national power that derives from it.



Potentially Legitimate Reasons for a GWI Cover-up

Whatever the source of contamination to military vaccines may have been, it is understandable that DOD would fear revealing it for it might evoke a catastrophic reduction in volunteer enlistments at the height of the war on terror, and the ever-present risk that that war would spill over into WWIII. There is also the question of a greater problem of a race war being engendered by revealing a statistical bias in the GWI population centered around gays and minority races. Having lived through the cover-up years as an activist paying close attention to the evolution of a plethora of denial tactics in the VA and DOD, the only thing the sum total of those tactics accomplished beyond making the government look ridiculous was to prevent any method of identifying precisely who was genuinely ill with the germ version of GWI and who wasn’t. Even if the U. S. government had discovered that race-focused domestic terrorism was part of GWI, DOD might have (legitimately?) chosen not to reveal this to the public to preclude both panic and a race war, as well as a meltdown of recruitment/draftee inductions into the military.



Troubling Questions

1. If, as the VA now admits, Gulf War vets were truly ill, not merely stressed out or psych cases, why couldn’t our military doctors (in the main) tell the difference at the time? After all, that’s what competent doctors are supposed to do, render accurate diagnoses. Can incompetence have been so rampant within military medicine and the VA that there would not be a statistical predominance of accuracy in a patient base consisting of some 250,000 patients?


2. Who ordered the cover-up of GWI and for what reasons? (There may have been more than one cover-up coming from different quarters for different reasons and concerning different aspects of GWI.


3. Why did it take 15+ years to admit that the germ hypothesis was credible when the most credible research we had then and now remains germ-centered viz. Professor Garth Nicolson’s work on MFI and Dr. Howard Urnovitz’s work on retroviruses?


4. Why would the recent VA study (70 million dollars’ worth), which was ostensibly aimed at evaluating the germ hypothesis, ignore the only likely living candidates for germ infections viz. those vets who had embarked upon antibiotic therapy, when everyone else with heavy long-term MFI infections would likely be dead or out of touch?


 5. Why wait more than ten years until natural recovery, antibiotic therapy, and death have obscured the evidence to evaluate what was, based upon scientific protocol and factual substance, the leading contender at the time GWI was first revealed shortly after the war? Why wait until the smoking gun quits smoking?


 6. Why not treat the ill veterans with doxycycline, which has been demonstrated to restore the health of many vets with GWI? This could be done while protecting national security concerns at the same time by concocting a fictitious cover story to mask vaccine involvement or any other sensitive aspect of the problem, and then binding the veteran to secrecy? Granted a public disclosure of vaccine involvement might harm morale and recruitment, but the cover story takes care of that concern. Certainly, a well-crafted cover could not have failed national security any more than the bold face lie we were given. Not only are the vaccines now suspect anyway, but additional harm has been done to both the credibility of our government and the morale of the troops. Troops 80-90% healed and under oath of an official security agreement which they understand serves to protect their children who may serve in the military in the future are going to make a lot less noise about the event in the public domain than desperately ill soldiers, soldiers whose mental and physical integrity have both been destroyed by infection and have come to doubt even the good will of their own military medical services.


There is a standard military information security protocol that actually applies to the GWI situation: denying the enemy battlefield damage assessment to prevent the enemy from effectively evaluating the effectiveness of his weapon systems. Veterans would fully understand doing this from the point of view of national security generally, and from the personal point of view they would not want to see the same problem recur on the next battlefield where their own children may be serving.


It is an established fact of history that veterans keep secrets very well indeed, and every day. They are trusted with secrets the exposure of which could gravely damage the security of our nation—and they have consistently justified that trust. Witness our success in concealing research on the atomic bomb and stealth technology. No, the only practically defensible reason for not treating the veterans with a health-restoring treatment such as doxycycline would be a fear of making a matter of record who was and was not ill with the germ form of GWI. Creating such a record allows follow-up studies to both trace the source etiology of the infection to the criminals who contaminated our military vaccines and to show that a racial bias and/or a sexual preference bias existed in the populations suffering from the same illness in the general public. It would seem then that, regarding the GWI cover-up, both the good guys and the bad guys had their separate reasons for doing the same thing.






Latest GWI Research Advisory Committee Report (2014) Confirms Reality and Impact of Gulf War Illnesses



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Operation Desert Storm Evaluation of the Air Campaign


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Naval Forward Laboratory Provided Biological Warfare Detection Capability for First Gulf War 


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Garth Nicolson, PhD Recommendations for Veterans With Toxic Chemical Exposures


(from an e-mail dated March 2015)



Hi Rick,


I will take a look.  It's nice to know that you did this for your fellow



Lately I discovered a very valuable use for Lipid Replacement Therapy with

NTFactor Lipids---removal of chemicals from chemically contaminated



I started with GW and Vietnam veterans who had suffered

chemical exposures.  Since a major chemical detoxification pathway has now

been worked out and, in part, it depends on the offending chemicals being

conjugated with hydrophobic compounds (making them more membrane lipid or

glycerolphospholipid soluble), I have been suggesting that chemically

exposed veterans (and now civilians too) take at least 2 and I suggest 4

NTFactor Lipid wafers per day (2 in the AM and 2 in the PM).

(, Smart Youthful Energy wafers).  The NTFL helps remove the

conjugated chemicals from the body by helping to mobilize and concentrate

them in the GI system where they can be naturally eliminated.


NTFL also helps in chemical removal by stimulating mitochondrial function,

which is required because the chemical removal and conjugation system

requires cellular energy to mobilize, conjugate and remove the offending



NTFL helps mobilize chemicals from cellular stores due to its amphipahtic

hydrophobic nature (glycerolphospholipids).  Most of the more dangerous

chemicals are lipid soluble and concentrate in membrane lipid and other

lipid stores inside cells.  Thus excess NTFL may be useful in directly

complexing with the chemicals, in addition to its complexing with their

hypdrophobic complexes, as described above.


The secret, if there is any, is that higher doses than normally used (4

wafers per day instead of the usual 1-2 wafers per day) for enhancing

mitochondrial function are necessary to help mobilize and remove the

conjugated chemicals (4+ wafers per day).  It remains to be seen if even

higher doses of NTFL are more effective.


There are few options for chemically exposed individuals, other than using

saunas to sweat out the chemicals or unproven enemas that could even make

the problem worse by depleting needed GI components and electrolytes.


This is a simple, safe and effective use of NTFL.  I now have enough

experience to recommend this to chemically exposed individuals who suffer

from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and other problems.











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